J*Ryu x Kidrobot — Arcane Divination: Gabriel 5" Dunny (2.1)


The new Gabriel 5" Dunny from J*Ryu  is the angelic counterpart to the previously-released Azazel 5" edition from Jon-Paul Kaiser. The Demon and Angel  storyline from Arcane Divination is now complete. Matching the style and general design cues of the Azazel Dunny, J*Ryu offers a hopeful take with the Archangel in thoughtful prayer, rendered in a style that evokes his previous female characters. As with her nemesis, the Gabriel Dunny features a stone-like textural effect.

A prelude to Kidrobot’s Arcane Divination 2 mini series, the 5" Gabriel Dunny will be released on Friday (2.1) for $50/each from Kidrobot.com (9 AM PST) and select retailers including myplasticheart. Perhaps we’ll see a KR-exclusive colorway as well—Black to match Azazel ?