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Jan 04, 2019

Lee Jisu x Pla-man Hobby - Jozio 1/6 Art Toy Pre-Order


Korean artist Lee Jisu's Jozio—'A boy who was  man'is rooted in his original artwork which questions the notion that adults must be mature and free of child-like qualities and impulses.  After an accident as an adult, Jozio travels back in time to age ten where he then proceeds to relive his childhood protected by his horned mask, armored breastplate, toy knife, and gun-like cassette player.  As a child, Jozio is largely free of the 'black smoke',  society's expectations of responsible behavior.

In production by Pla-man Hobby, the Jozio 1/6 scale art action figure is available now for pre-order for $130 on the brand's web shop until January 8th 2019. Limited to 500 pieces, this new red edition (10.5")  follows the artist's previous smaller-sized grey edition.  In addition to his red outfit, Jozio is fully geared-up with mask, breastplate, knee guards, toy knife, and cassette player. Orders may randomly include one of two special gifts: clear breastplate (100 sets) or clear knee protector + clear toy knife (100 sets).

Jozio is an appealing 1/6 scale art toy with a compelling mix of childhood innocence and stylized representations of everyday battles and struggles between internal desires and expectations of others.


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I'm Imush Hand-painted Editions by Imush Studios


With her mushroom-like pink hair, I'm Imush is quite the charmer.  In addition to the OG standard vinyl edition (5.5"), Imush Studios has just released hand-painted editions of their signature figure including Vintage with black overalls + glasses Pastel, Busy Bee! and Milk Purple. The figures feature articulated heads, arms and hands. They are available directly from the Imush web shop with prices ranging from HK$320 ($41) for the standard edition to HK$520 ($67) for Busy Bee.  If you have any problems with overseas orders, contact the studio directly through DM on their Instagram or Facebook.


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Tik Ka x Unbox Industries -- Little Rice Lilac Edition (1.5)


The Little Rice resin by Tik Ka x Unbox Industries returns in the new Lilac Edition (5.5", $170) on Saturday (1.5) at 7 AM PDT from the Unbox web shop.   Little Rice flows from the artist's So Ha concept which explores Chinese culture by way of his adorable baby characters.  The hand-finished new edition follows the original edition released back in 2016.

Little Rice is a charming, heart warming design that's executed extremely well.  The detailed sculpture features a nicely realized rice texture as well as relief and debossed elements on the bowl while the detailed deco enhances the sense that the character is actually sitting in a real bowl of rice.


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Utomaru x Tomenosuke -- Mimi The Cannibal Girl Mondo Green Ghost Edition Pre-Order


Tomenosuke has followed the Mondo Green Edition of Mimi the Cannibal Girl sofubi (11.4") by Utomaru with the new Mondo Green Ghost edition.  Cast in GID sofubi, Mondo Green Ghost features a similar appearance to the non-glow Mondo Green with dark green + red spray accents. 

The Mondo Green Ghost Mimi is currently available for pre-order from two Japanese online stores: Hobby Search (15278 yen / ~$141) and Mamegyorai (16,500 yen / ~$153).  Based on our quick look at both sites, Hobby Search is probably the easier router for non-Japanese collectors as it's in English and appears to support overseas ordering.  If you're planning on ordering, do so quickly as it appears stock is quite limited.


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Super7 – Shogun ReAction (1.7)


Super7 is set to bring back your childhood giant robot favorites with their new Shogun ReAction line.  The five 3.75” Shogun Warriors figures include Great Mazinger, Mazinger Z, Garada K7, Doublas M2,and Rokuron Q9. While Shogun immediately brings to mind big toys, these pocketable and much more affordable versions should be a welcome addition to desks and cubicles of Mazinger fans everywhere 

The Shogun ReAction figures drop on Monday (1.7) at noon PST  for $15 each from S7’s web shop.


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