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Jan 01, 2019

Taku Obata x Medicom Toy–B-Girl Down Jacket Nagame (2.19)


Japanese artist Taku Obata is known for his large-scale wood sculptures of B-Boys. Last year saw the release of his Sofb Boy soft vinyl figures (Unbox) bringing his work to a much wider audience as a collectible.  Now comes the B-Girl Down Jacket Nagame polystone sculpture from Medicom Toy.

A higher-end offering, the first edition of B-Girl stands an impressive 13.8” tall, is limited to 100 pieces, and ¥will be available for ¥50,000 (~$449) in late February.  This first release is being done in conjunction with Watari-Um Museum, the site of the artist’s recent exhibition which featured the original, large-scale B-Girl sculpture.


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Jubi – Crab Claw Kun Soft Vinyl


Jubi has quickly established himself as the master of the claw from his Gigantic Crab Kaiju (Unbox) to the hybrid Scorpion Kaiju (Instinctoy).  Recently, he’s been switching up the mood of his crabs from edgy to softer and cuter as seen in his designs for the Unbox and Friends blind box series.  The trend continues with the brand-new Crab Claw Kun soft vinyl figure.

Debuting in light green, Crab Claw Kun stands 3.15” tall and features articulation in the head, arms, and eyes.  The articulated eyes are a clever feature which allow the crab to take on various expressions.  

So when?  If you live in Taiwan, right now.  There’s a special pre-release offer open to Taiwanese collectors for the discounted price of TW$1100. To purchase, fill out the special order form.  It sounds as if Crab Claw Kun will be available in other regions in the future. Fingers/claws crossed.


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Mame Moyashi–Golden Threadfin Bream Maguro Senpai


Chino Lam and Mame Moyashi have announced a new edition of the Maguro Senpai vinyl.  Golden Threadfin Bream features a red+silver fish with golden yellow stripes on the back.  Limited to just 100 pieces, the Golden Threadfin Bream will be exclusive to Hong Kong with the first 50 available On January 6th (2pm) for HK$600 (~$77) at a pop-up store on 767 Tung Choi Street (Women’s Street) in Mong Kok.  The remaining fifty will be available via lottery at a place/time to be determined. 

The first release of 2019, may prove to be an elusive catch for those not in Hong Kong. Happy fishing!


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Koffee.w x Geeka Toys–KALee Mini Blind Bags


Geeka Toys is offering KALee Mini Blind Bags created by Chinese artist Koffee.W.  Limited to 50 bags, this release features a stated nine different classic designs of the mini (2.4”) soft vinyl figure—a stylized version of  QiongQi, a mythical Chinese monster. These are available for $20 each or $100 for five.  These smaller versions are an easy and addictive way to collect this nicely done figure.

To order drop an email to [email protected] with your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Paypal account/Alipay/WeChat Pay, and the number of figures you’d like to buy.


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Konatsuya - 2019 Happy Bags


To welcome in the Year of the Boar, Konatsu has created her 2019 Happy Bags.  This year’s Happy Bags feature a Negora Gold edition, Sitting Negora Silver and a Cat Daruma Boar edition as well fun extras including postcards, seafaring acrylic charm and more.  The Happy Bags were released on January 2nd in Japan and will soon be available at retailers worldwide including myplasticheart (USA) which expects to have them around mid-month.


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Roy Miles – Hoodfoot Incoming for ‘19


Oooh… Look what Roy Miles is working on… Hoodfoot is about to step out for 2019. The protos of the retro urban ‘foot in 3 sizes look quite promising.  Call us greedy, but we’re hoping to see toys of the other members of the Hoodfoot crew too…


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Monster Taipei x Kasing Lung–Chester Zimomo Worldwide Lottery Release


Monster Taipei collaborated with Kasing Lung and How2work on their Exclusive Chester Zimomo soft vinyl figure which debuted in mid-December at Toy Soul in Hong Kong.  Now, comes the worldwide release via online lottery.  The lottery is active right now (enter:google form) and closes tonight -- January 1st at 11 PM PST. Limited to 200 pieces, the figure stands ~7.3” tall and will be available for TW$3300 (~$108).  The rabbit hole beckons.

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Ciecy x JP Toys Gallery–JP Glittery Galaxy Tapoo (1.4)


JP Toys is starting off 2019 in style with its Exclusive JP Glittery Galaxy Tapoo from Ciecy.  The cosmic new edition of the red hot Tapoo soft vinyl features soft, spacey blues, pinks and purples.  JP Glittery Galaxy Tapoo will be sold for 2400 baht (~$73)via a short 1 hour online lottery starting at 8:30 PM PST on Friday (1.4). To enter fill out the special order form on the JP Toys Facebook which would be available around drop time.

If you’re not familiar with the spacey retro cuteness that is Tapoo, Ciecy introduced this friendly UFO in 2018.  Collectors have quickly caught on and have proceeded to sell out recent releases including at DesignerCon and Toy Soul (both the regular and mini Xmas editions).

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