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Dec 26, 2018

Whale Rabbit x Art Alchemy–SnowBaller 18


Whale Rabbit Collective is taking pre-orders for the new SnowBaller 18 figures from their collaborative Art Alchemy line. SnowBaller 18 features special holiday editions of Mr. Q + Pet  (3”, Vinyl, $90) by Skullman  and VYNC, Samego Mini (2”, Resin, $50) by Nebby Art, and Gachamon – Numb (3”, Resin, $60) by Fingerguns.   For true ballers, there’s the Super SnowBaller Set ($200)  which includes all the standard figures plus a 5th mystery figure—Vee-5 by VYNC.  The SnowBaller figures are available for pre-order from CoveTrove and are  set to ship in March of 2019.

A sharp looking set of figures, SnowBaller 18 stands out as a strong, collaborative effort from four indie artists with a cohesive visual identity while still promoting each of their own characters. There’s plenty of holiday cheer here from the Snowman theme—with carrot noses, Pet as a Reindeer and Numb’s festive scarf.


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