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Dec 12, 2018

Ciecy — A Pair of Christmas Tapoos for Toy Soul


Very much in the holiday spirit, Ciecy has created two Christmas-themed Tapoos for Toy Soul.  First up is the Let it Snow full-size Tapoo (edition of 50) decked out in the traditional red + green with some gold accents in a design that partially reveals the clear spaceship.  She also is dropping the Reindeer in Snowfield Mini Tapoo (edition of 50) which is only the second mini and follows the Milk Magazine exclusive mini which dropped about a week ago.  Both of these will be available at the IDEE Productions booth [I01] — Let it Snow on Friday and Reindeer in Snowfield on Saturday.  Happy hunting.


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QUICSS — MNLKLR BabyTEQ63 (12.15)


QUICCS will unleash his new Manila Killa BabyTEQ63 custom 3” Dunnys at the ToyArt Ph event at  Secret Fresh in Manila on Saturday (12.15) at 10:30 AM  for $80 each.  These are hand-painted customs of the artist’s production 3” DTA Dunnys from Kidrobot.  Each features a design based on the Philippines Flag — on both the Dunny and his robot dog companion.  These also feature dope, custom-printed boxes which tie the ‘63’ back to the Philippines’ telephone country code.  MNLKLR will be sold first come, first serve.  Thirty pieces will be available at the event — no online sales for this wave.  The final wave (April-May 2019) will bump the final edition size to 100 and will be available online.

ToyArt Ph runs Saturday – Sunday (12.16) at Secret Fresh and will also feature the OG Shinigmai and Foxy in Kawaii collab editions from WetworksUmetoys will also represent with Geekwok (10 pieces).


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Dec 09, 2018

Teresa Chiba x adFunture — KD Harigon Debuts at Toy Soul


First seen in prototype form at Shanghai Toy Show in September, Teresa Chiba’s collabo figure with adFunture is set for its official Toy Soul debut. KD Harigon is Chiba’s interpretation /take on adFunture’s  Kayden mascot—blending elements of the latter (3 eyes) with her signature Inu Harigon figure. The KD Harigon soft vinyl will debut in a painted edition (above) at the Milk Cargo booth [G14].

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Law Sun-Yeung x adFunture — Space Woody Debut at Toy Soul


adFunture  will debut the brand-new Space Woody figure from Law Sun-Yeung at Toy Soul.  The space explorer with three-eyes—a nod to adFunture’s Kayden mascot—suggests that even couch potatoes are destined for the stars. In terms of toys, Law Sun-Yeung is best known for his recent Tomu Boy—a carnivorous, kaiju mushroom.  Space Woody will be available from the Milk Cargo booth [G14], complete with clear helmet.


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Dec 08, 2018

Kurobokan — Christmas Sleepwalker Offspring (Nimbus) at Toy Soul


Kurobokan has announced the debut of Christmas Sleepwalker Offspring (Nimbus) by Paulus Hyu at their Toy Soul booth [I15]. Cast in light green vinyl with yellow eyes and a fur-like scarf, the new toy  bears a strong resemblance to everyone’s favorite Christmas anti-hero. Fun, without going over-the-top.


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Dec 07, 2018

Milk x Yoyo Yeung — Milky Kenneth at Toy Soul


Milk continues its string of Toy Soul Exclusives with Milky Kenneth from Yoyo Yeung.  The exclusive version of the fennec fox sofubi (Unbox) features a design that mixes the magazine’s iconic white with red and tan details for a natural, festive look.  Limited to 100 pieces, Milky Kenneth will be available via online lottery for HK$700 (~$90) with pickup/payment at the Milk Cargo [G14] booth.   To enter the lottery, register by 12.9 HK time on the official product page.


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Too Nathapong x Unbox — Burger Elfie + Labubu Crossovers (12.8)


Saturday is a big day for Too Nathapong’s Elfie. Unbox will release three Elfie figures on December 8th at 7 AM PST from the Unbox shop. First up is the Burger Elfie Classic soft vinyl (4”, $35) which re-imagines the adorable elephant as a scrumptious cheeseburger. 


Unbox will also release the Elfie and Labubu crossover figures ($110) in Purple and Green colorways. Each features Kasing Lung’s signature character lying on top of Elfie.

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80s Workout Action Figures by Better Day Toys


Spanish sculptor/toy artist Julio Sanchez Roldan of Better Days Toys has just released his ambitious 80s Workout action figures featuring ten different designs. The toys take us back to the decade that many of us look back and smile at with head-shaking, ‘that was us’ bemusement, a moment in time where leg warmers, parachute pants, and fanny packs were very much in vogue.  

80s Workout reminds us not only of the rigors and joys of the self-empowering fitness movement, but also of the music and the outfits that went hand and hand with it. Each of the hand-crafted 4.9” resin figures features oh-so-80’s outfits and includes a random color of boombox. With five-points of articulation, detailed paint designs and glorious full-color backing cards featuring vintage workout photos, Better Day Toys has put in a grueling workout of his own to bring these ladies to life.  The 80s Workout figures are available for pre-order for $75 each from the Better Days Toys shop and will ship roughly 3 weeks after ordering.


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Fools Paradise x TMALL — Super Professional 2 Director’s Cut (12.11)


Fools Paradise and China’s ecommerce site Tmall have joined forces once again for another alternate Super Professional edition.  Last time it was a GID edition of the original Super Professional set  and now we have the Director’s Cut edition of Super Professional 2.

The story line here seams to be that the Super Professional and his protégé have finally triumphed over the piranha plant — who has gone from a vibrant red to a weakened  brown shade with his pipe switched from fresh green to defeated read. There are some other color changes, with the professional going all black, his assistant going brunette, and the bullet seeing red, literally.

Super Professional Director’s Cut will be available for pre-order on December 10th at 8 AM PST directly from Fools Paradise. For Chinese collectors, the set will be available at Tmall on 12.12.


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Puck - SawReal Rabbit Kid Pre-Order


Thai artist Puck is now taking online pre-orders for his new SawReal Rabbit Kid.  Created in conjunction with fellow Thai artist Kaze Studio, the new figure is the smaller, cuter relative of the previously released SawReal Rabbit (8.5”). With a ready-to-go, tongue-out pose, Rabbit Kid is in position to charm collectors with his energy.

For the online drop, 30 pieces are available for 1890 baht (~$58) with overseas shipping of 400 baht (~$12).  To order, go to the official release post on Facebook and leave a comment of ‘1’ indicating you’d like to buy one figure.  If there’s available stock when you order, the artist will contact you to complete the sale. As a nice touch, the figure ships in a fun cylindrical container.


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Impostor by Colus Available Online


Previously available for pre-order at DesignerCon, Colus has opened up online pre-orders for his trippy, translucent snakes.  Impostor, available in black clear and red clear, is limited to 15 pieces in each edition and stands 8” tall with a coiled, 4-point stance.  Both the Black and Red editions are available for $300 from the artist’s web shop—pricing includes free shipping.  The black is ready to ship now, while the Red will ship in January ‘19. 

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Teddy Troop S2 by Flying Fortress x Artoyz Drops Next Week


Teddy Troop Series 2 from Flying Fortress and Artoyz is dropping next week.  We don’t know the exact day or time yet, but we do know that the new mini series is one of three new releases Artoyz is dropping next week (Tuesday to Thursday) in celebration of its 15th Anniversary.   Artoyz has posted pics of what appears to be the full series of 12 designs:  six in the shot above and six in the one after the jump. Unless, there are unmentioned chase/secret/rare figures.

What are the other two drops?  One is what appears to be a larger Teddy Troop, say 8” tall.  The drops round out with the previously mentioned Sentai Maria figures from Soasig Chamaillard.


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Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez x 3DRetro — HOBS Red Edition Release + Signing (12.8)


3DRetro is planning an action-packed weekend for collectors.  They’ve just announced the Saturday (12.8) release and signing for the Hobs Red Edition vinyl from Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez. Hobs—the water tower bird—will be available at the Glendale location starting from 11 AM for $65 each and Johnny will be signing from 5 to 6 PM.  For the enquiring toy nerds, the Red edition is the second edition, following the since-sold out  House of Blues exclusive debut edition —hence the name, HOBS.

3DRetro is the place to be for local collectors.  The holiday edition of Enamel Market will be in the parking lot from 11 AM to 5 PM. After Enamel Market, the store will host two release + signing events: Red HOBS with KMNDZ from 5 to 6 PM and then the Lava Edition Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus Spitter with Joe Ledbetter from 6 to 9 PM.

HOBS Red Edition Drop
Saturday December 8th 2018 (11-9 PM, Signing: 5-6 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Pop Mart Exclusive King Monkeyshiner Grin Fluorescent by Ron English

2561 King Monkeyshiner Grin Fluorescent

Happy Friday!  Ron English and Pop Life usher in the weekend with an original Grin figure.  King Monkeyshiner Grin, grinning ear to ear, is enjoying life with his ready-to-peel banana and an affinity for night life. Thanks to the magic of fluorescent paint, the monkey takes on a whole new persona under a black light. The  King Monkeyshriner Grin vinyl toy (8”) is available exclusively at the Ron English Pop Mart locations in Beverly Hills and Beacon, New York for $100 each.

Ron English Beacon Pop Mart
45 Beekman Street
Beacon, New York

Ron English Beverly Hills Pop Mart
8692 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA

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Mame Moyashi x Milk — Cheese Maguro Senpai for Toy Soul


In a fun collaboration, Chino Lam has worked with Milk magazine to celebrate their 16th Anniversary with a special figure.  Featuring a new torso sculpt, Cheese Maguro Senpai plays off the concept of time—in time and in the right conditions, Milk becomes Cheese.  And, it should be noted, the Cheese texture—with drips—looks quite good. 

Limited to 200 pieces, Cheese Maguro Senpai drops at Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16) in the CheeseMaguro_1218booth [G14] for HK$800 (~$102).


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Brambley Apple Noodle by Koncrete (12.9)


Koncrete has firmed up the release date for the next Series 2 Noodle Resin. Cast in a deep, translucent green,  the Brambley Apple  dino (edition of 20, 4.3”) will make his official entrance this Sunday at 8 AM PST for £65 (~$83) from the Koncrete shop. After the green edition, S2 will roll on with pink and light blue, not necessarily in that order.


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Dec 06, 2018

Milk x 009 — Unio Hunter Milk Edition at Toy Soul


Milk is set to release several exclusive art toys at Toy Soul including Lost In the Space: Unio Hunter Milk Edition from 009.  The exclusive edition of 009’s new space explorer figure features a brown-haired astronaut in a silver suit with milk white helmet.  Look for this one at the Milk Cargo booth [G14].  Hit the jump for the full flier/ad.


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Dan Tanebaum x Kidrobot Watchparts Dunnys S4 (12.7)


Kidrobot rounds its week of exclusive drops with Friday’s (12.7, 9 AM PST ) Watchparts Dunnys S4 release from Dan Tanenbaum.  For the new series, Tanenbaum has added a burst of color—with what appear to be custom-sewn outfits— to his intricately encrusted designs featuring thousands of teeny, tiny watch parts.  As with prior series, we expect dazzingly complex customs across all the Dunny sizes—3”, 5”, 8” and 20”.


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Toy Art Gallery x Martin Ontiveros — Pink Poison Baphomaniac (12.7)


Pick your poison, so long as it’s pink.  Baphomaniac returns from Martin Ontiveros and Toy Art Gallery with the new Pink Poison edition.  Cast in hot pink soft vinyl, this factory-painted design brings together purple and silver sprays with a few accent colors as well. Pink Poison drops this Friday (12.7) at 12 PM PST for $85 from the TAG web shop.  As a sweet holiday bonus, it includes a free Baphomaniac pin.


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Find Stocking Stuffers at Enamel Market (12.8)


Enamel Market returns on Saturday (12.8) from 11AM to 5 PM in Glendale at 3DRetro (parking lot).  Just in time for holiday shopping, the event is the perfect place to find stocking stuffers—pins, patches, and more—from a wide variety of indie artists and brands.  As always, the first 100 attendees will get a free Enamel Market pin.  Also, 3DRetro will be releasing the Lava Edition of the Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus Spitter vinyl toy by Joe Ledbetter starting at 11 AM with a signing from 6 to 9 PM.

Enamel Market
Saturday December 8th 2018 (11 AM – 5 PM)

3DRetro (Parking Lot)
1851 S. Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201

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3DRetro Online Release: DCon Exclusive Devilman The Birth by Shelterbank x Medicom

44591718_626513051097367_4721357166517157888_nFor their Countdown to Christmas, 3DRetro will be releasing a new Medicom exclusive toy every weekday until Christmas.  Without doing the math, we’ll say that’s quite a few toys! If you weren’t able to make DesignerCon, this is your chance to pick up the exclusives you missed.

First up is Devilman The Birth, Japanese artist Shlelterbank’s interpretation of Go Nagai’s legendary character, in the DCon exclusive colorway.  The 14” vinyl figure is available now for $264.99 from 3DRetro.


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — Possessed CMY Drops This Friday (12.7)


Possessed CMY from Luke Chueh and Munky King drops this Friday in three retailer exclusive editions.  Inspired by the CMYK color space used by Luke in his graphic design training, the series includes Cyan available exclusively from I Am Retro, Magenta available exclusively from Munky King and Yellow from MSX (China)—chosen by Luke for the humorous color synergy. 

Each of the three editions is limited to 200 pieces and will drop at 12 PM PST / 3PM EST on Friday (12.7) for $90 each.  MSX will be accepting orders strictly through email at [email protected].  As sharp as each looks individually, they look terrific as a group. So… as they say… Gotta collect ‘em all!


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Burning Monster x Toy0+ — Miwu: Fly M45 for Toy Soul


ToyZeroPlus’s Toy Soul lineup will feature a rather cute UFO.  Miwu Fly M45 from Burning Monster is star-bound Miwu’s first adventure in soft vinyl and debut figure with Toy0+.  Rendered in soft pink + blue pastels, the 2-piece set features Miwu and her spaceship.  It will be available from the Toy0+ booth [E07].

Burning Monster has released several versions of Miwu in the past.  The new soft vinyl design follows a previous in-flight design which featured a transparent cone to allow her legs to dangle below the spaceship.


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Chubby Toys — Banana Popo at Toy Soul


Chubby Toys’ Popo takes a different path in charming collectors looking for the next cute soft vinyl toy. We’ve all seen cute rabbits, dogs, cats and more, but a puffer fish, and one with legs?  The chubby, puffed up face is the key to artist Dee Two’s design. 

The latest version, Banana Popo is coming to Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16) in Hong Kong.  This one just might be inspired by certain ba-nana loving ‘evil’-doers. It will be available from Toy Station’s booth.  The little teddy bear is a sweet touch.


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Sweet Nweets Pastel Editions by Trivialities


Singaporean artist Trivia Goh (Trivialities) has just released her Sweet Nweets resins in new pastel colors.  The pup is available in Peach, Ice and Mint micro-runs of just 3 pieces each. The Sweet Nweets design features an alert pose and stylized gear. The hand-painted figures stand 2.75” tall and are available for $50 each from the Trivialities online store.

Sweet Nweet is a brave and optimistic critter. It is a gentle reminder to protect one’s self when entering the battlefield that is life. [Press]

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