Seulgie x Pop Mart — Satyr Rory Sweet Christmas Minis

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Chirstmas… I won’t lie and say there’s white stuff on the ground, but it is sub-50 at night—brrrr.  Adding to my sense of holiday cheer is the new Satyr Rory Sweet Christmas minis from Seulgie and Pop Mart. The satyrs are dressed up for the occasion, as Reindeer, Santa’s pixie helpers, Snowwomen, or Santa herself.   

This festive follow-up to the original minis (April) is nicely done with fun new sculpts throughout and plenty of holiday cheer.  These would make the perfect stocking stuffers for those that can’t resist the tug of cute toys or  those that appreciate really well-done mini figs. Seulgie is offering the new Satyr Rory Sweet Christmas figures directly to collectors.  Send her an Instagram DM you’d like to purchase some.