Rainbow Power! Coarse x Instinctoy Paw! for Tokyo Comic Con

Its quite fitting that Instinctoy has worked with Coarse on a brand-new Exclusive paw! for release at Tokyo Comic Con.  In announcing the collaboration, Instinctoy’s founder Hiroto Ohkubo recalled his awe at the quality and attention to detail Coarse put into the original paw! releases from toy to the immaculate and creative packaging.  In its own way, Instinctoy has walked a similar path with exacting care paid to all aspects of their toys’ production.

For the return of an old friend, Instinctoy created a new color design featuring a bold take on pastels with what appears to be a slightly metallic style finish.  Echoing the imaginative and luxurious packaging which quickly became one of their hallmarks, Coarse has crafted a colorful, clean, and creative box presentation complete with a delicate purple ‘leaf’.  Available at their TCC booth, Instinctoy’s exclusive paw! is bound to top many want lists.