Kyle Kirwan — Bruma The God of Winter

Old Man Winter has arrived. Kyle Kirwan has released his Bruma-The God of Winterresin figure.  The translucent blue 3.75” figure is the third in the artist’s Gods of the Four seasons series from the Mudcat universe, following Fons (Spring) and Calor(summer).  With his tree branch arms and carrot-like nose, Bruma evokes the classic snowman.  Limited to ten pieces, Bruma is available now from Kyle’s web shop for a very generous $20—the value is real.

Bruma is the God of Winter, the oldest of the four seasons often called Old Man Winter by the Denzins of Dor. Hes grumpy, and slow moving but by far the smartest of his Brother seasons. Perhaps it’s his patience and introspection that led to his wisdom, perhaps he just spent more time roaming and exploring. Whatever the case he is well respected and his opinions held in high esteem.