Kimparks Lab — 50cube Christmas Figures + Santa Sleigh Set

Korean design studio Kimparks Lab is celebrating the holidays with special Christmas versions of their cube mini-figures. Limited to 100 ABS pieces each, the 50cube Cubing Santa (~4”) and 50cube Baekgu Rudolph (~3”) feature battery-powered light-up features and come with removable bases and signed and numbered Certificates of Authenticity.  For that warm holiday cheer, the white top Santa’s hat lights up while Rudolph’s nose and face both glow the signature red.  For those looking for the full Christmas Night gift delivery experience, Kimparks Lab is also offering a deluxe Santa Sleigh Set (edition of 3) featuring Santa, 4 Rudolph figures and a two-part sleigh complete with 4 mini presents accessories.

The Christmas figures are available direct from the Kimparks Lab web shop through December 3rd with special pricing reflecting a 15% pre-order discount. Santa and Rudolph are currently available at a discounted $61 each while the Sleigh Set is available for the pre-order price of $831.  Two-figure sets are also available for $110.  The toys  will ship-out on 12.6.