Itokin Park x The Sour Lemon at DesignerCon

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The Sour Lemon [Booth #151] will once again host Itokin Park at DesignerConKazuhiko Ito will be at the booth and is going big this year with the release of six figures.  He’ll have new, revised editions of his popular Astronaut, Space Mode Man and Robot Suit. The new sculpts feature articulated arms and new sizes than the OG versions. Size wise, Astronaut and Space Mode Man are larger while the Robot Suit has been scaled down from last year.

From today’s IG previews, it looks like there are three Space Mode Man colorways: Red, Blue, Yellow (lemon).  There are also two Astronaut editions: green + gray and blue + pink. Finally, there’s a silver + gray Robot Suit featuring a pilot with glasses.  It’s an exciting year for Itokin Park collectors with the new sculpts and all the color choices.  Expect news on the release details shortly.