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Nov 30, 2018

Compound x kaNO — Exclusive Gold + Silver 20” Dragon Kings


Go big with the Compound’s Exclusive 20” Dragon King x2.  That’s right, Black + Gold and Black + Silver.  The Bruce Lee-licensed figures from kaNO and ToyQube pay homage to the kung-fu legend in commanding street style.  Limited to 150 pieces per edition, the Compound Dragon King exclusives are available for $400 each from the Compound web shop.   


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Kyle Kirwan — Bruma The God of Winter


Old Man Winter has arrived. Kyle Kirwan has released his Bruma-The God of Winter resin figure.  The translucent blue 3.75” figure is the third in the artist’s Gods of the Four seasons series from the Mudcat universe, following Fons (Spring) and Calor (summer).  With his tree branch arms and carrot-like nose, Bruma evokes the classic snowman.  Limited to ten pieces, Bruma is available now from Kyle’s web shop for a very generous $20—the value is real.

Bruma is the God of Winter, the oldest of the four seasons often called Old Man Winter by the Denzins of Dor. Hes grumpy, and slow moving but by far the smartest of his Brother seasons. Perhaps it's his patience and introspection that led to his wisdom, perhaps he just spent more time roaming and exploring. Whatever the case he is well respected and his opinions held in high esteem.


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Monster Taipei x Kasing Lung — Chester Zimomo Debuts at Toy Soul


The glorious, never-ending art toy convention season rolls on to Hong Kong for Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16).  As part of it’s line up for Toy Soul, Monster Taipei will debut their exclusive Chester Zimomo (7.5”) from Kasing Lung and How2work.  Seemingly inspired by a magical cat through the rabbit hole, Chester is limited to 200 pieces with 80 on-hand for Toy Soul from Monster Taipei’s booth [D13].

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Kidrobot x Scott Tolleson —The Shard Ice Monster 3” Dunny


Kidrobot is looking to make your Shard dreams come true with the release of The Shard Ice Monster 3” Dunny resin from Scott Tolleson.  KR’s final drop for their Cyber Week event is cast in ice blue resin perfect for the season and at 3” tall perfect for your desk or cubicle.  Limited to 300 pieces, Ice Monster is available now exclusively at Kidrobot for $60.

With this release comes some cool Shard background.  The figure was originally developed as an Ice Monster for Scott’s The Odd Ones Dunny series (‘16). With Scott’s concerns that neither vinyl nor ABS would do the sharp-edge Shard justice, it was dropped from the series and left to Scott to self-produce in resin.


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Nov 29, 2018

Looney Tunes x Ron English — SFBI Tasmanian Devil Grin (11.30)


Taz!  First teased earlier this year, Ron English’s Looney Tunes-licensed grin-ing interpretation of the beloved Tasmanian Devil gets a bicoastal pop-up release. The SFBI version of the frenetic furball captures his mischievous spirit with the wide grin that almost defines his body and the ready-to-pounce pose.

Ron English’s SFBI Tasmanian Devil Grin (8”) drops on Friday November 30th at both his Beverly Hills Pop Mart and Beacon Pop Mart at 12 PM in the respective time zones for $75 each.

Ron English Beacon Pop Mart
45 Beekman Street
Beacon, New York

Ron English Beverly Hills Pop Mart
8692 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA

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Amanda Visell — Tanuki Golden Guy


Amanda Visell is following up her sold-out Tanuki release with the new Golden Guy edition.  Cleverly named after the Golden Gai bar district in Tokyo, the new figure lives up to its calling with golden glitter in the hat, nose, bottle, and more. 

Your search for a drinking buddy—toy—is now over.  Adopt Tankui Golden Guy (6.75”, 15 pieces) directly from Switcheroo for $250. 


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Dog Together Studio x ToyZero+ — Dou Dou Monster Edition (11.29)


ToyZero+  and Code Corner BKK on a  special Monster Edition of the Dou Dou vinyl figure from Dog Together Studio.  The new drop features the cute shiba inu cosplaying as a certain animated ‘Monster’, the big furry blue + purple guy with a heart of gold.  Limited to 60 pieces, the Monster Edition includes Dou Dou’s plush doll accessory. Twenty pieces will be available on Thursday (11.29) at 9 PM PST from the ToyZero+ online store and  forty pieces will be released at Code Corner BKK’s retail location on Friday (11.30) at 12 PM Bangkok time.


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Soasig Chamaillard x Artoyz — Sentai Maria Proto


French artist Soasig Chamaillard transforms damaged statues of the blessed virgin into original artworks in varied ways, often incorporating pop culture references. Up until now, she hasn’t done a vinyl toy. 

Artoyz is working to translate her Power Rangers-styled versions of Mary into art toys. Cleverly named Sentai Maria, the project will feature five figures, one of each of the classic rangers. The pictured protos appear to be hand-done, hand-painted samples.   There’s not much more to go on at the moment, but we hope to have more info soon.


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Nov 28, 2018

K2 Ohonneko Minis Pre-Order


Kenneth Tang’s kawaii toy brand, K2Toy, is about to release their Ohonneko blindbox mini series featuring super cute cats with a feudal Japan motiff. Each of the 13 cat designs (12 standard + 1 chase) come with removable Samurai helmets, cleverly adorned with fish and paw markings.  There are three primary sculpts — standing on two feet with koi, sitting in the classic pose, and standing on all fours with sword through the head. The pink+white chase is holding a matching tiny cat.

Ohonneko will be available for pre-order through K2’s retail network including myplasticheart (USA, 12.1), Toy Station (HK, 12.3), Hipster Toys (HK, 12.3), Vintage and Vinyl Club (HK, 12.3), Playtoysforever.co (Taiwan, 12.1), Ozzo (Singapore, 12.3) and Gachabox (Thailand, 12.3).


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Seulgie x Pop Mart — Satyr Rory Sweet Christmas Minis


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Chirstmas… I won’t lie and say there’s white stuff on the ground, but it is sub-50 at night—brrrr.  Adding to my sense of holiday cheer is the new Satyr Rory Sweet Christmas minis from Seulgie and Pop Mart. The satyrs are dressed up for the occasion, as Reindeer, Santa’s pixie helpers, Snowwomen, or Santa herself.   

This festive follow-up to the original minis (April) is nicely done with fun new sculpts throughout and plenty of holiday cheer.  These would make the perfect stocking stuffers for those that can’t resist the tug of cute toys or  those that appreciate really well-done mini figs. Seulgie is offering the new Satyr Rory Sweet Christmas figures directly to collectors.  Send her an Instagram DM you’d like to purchase some.


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QUICCS x Flabslab Exclusive TEQ63 Black Midas at Culture Cartel


QUICCS launched a sneak attack with word of the Flabslab Exclusive TEQ63 Black Midas set slated to drop at the Culture Cartel street wear conventon in Singapore over the weekend (12.1 – 12.2).   The set features the 3” MicroTEQ and 12” MegaTEQ resins in black + gold—both rocking gold bling.  QUICCS will also be on hand at the Flabslab booth to sign and chat.


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Flying Fortress x Artoyz —Teddy Troops S2 in December


Flying Fortress and Artoyz are going to send out 2018 in style with Teddy Troops Series 2 dropping in December.  The followup to last year’s TT reboot will feature 12 designs including the Farbattacke variants shown above—dig the lightning bolt accessories.  Hit the jump for a teaser shot of more designs.


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Deathcat Toys x Toy Art Gallery — DeathCat Orange (11.30)


Toy Art Gallery debuted its Deathcat soft vinyl figure from Deathcat Toys at DesignerCon.  For those that missed the drop, TAG has the debut Orange Rage edition lined up for its weekly drop. Cast in orange soft vinyl with pink, white, purple and silver sprays, the 4.5” Deathcat will be available this Friday (11.30) at 12 PM PST from the TAG Web Shop for $55.


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Nov 27, 2018

Satyr Rory Glitter Winter by Seulgie


Celebrate the season with the brand-new Satyr Rory Glitter Winter handmade resins from Seulgie.  The mixed finished Glitter Winter combines slightly translucent untinted resin with sparkly glitter in Rory’s hair and legs.   Limited to 17 pieces, Glitter Winter is available now for $150 via Instagram DM to the artist.


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Mr KumKum x Wetworks — Foxy Micro Run(11.29)


Next up for WetworksFoxy resin toy is a special micro run by Mr KumKum.  Known for his standout customs which routinely turn heads and drop jaws, Mr KumKum brings his super detailed, crisp skeletal style to Foxy in the signature black+gold. Limited to just 5 pieces, the Mr KumKum Foxy will be released on Thursday (11.29) at 7 AM PST for $200 each from the Wetworks shop. To appreciate this impressive, hand-painted run, hit the jump for close up shots.


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DCon Tarbus the Tardigrades Available Now from DoomCo Designs


If you missed them in Anaheim, DoomCo Designs’ DesignerCon Exclusive Tarbus the Tardigrade soft vinyl figures are available now.  Both feature marbled GID + glitter casts with Porcelain glowing blue and Jade glowing green.  The exclusives are available for $20 each from the DoomCo web shop.


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WuzOne — Mickey Messy Black Dunnys (11.29)


U: Release date corrected to 11.29.

Surprise! WuzOne is releasing a new edition of his Mickey Messy custom Dunnys. The new Black edition is a follow-up to the OG customs from 2016.  The stylish gaggle of hands design pops nicely off the black background compared to the OGs which featured white heads and relied on the black line work for constrast.

Limited to 7 sets ($99) , the 3” Mickey Messy Black customs will include a signed+numbered  A4 print.  Individual signed+numbered prints will also be available in both A4 (8.3 x 11.7”) for $35  and the larger A3 sizes (11.7 x 16.5”) for $45.  The custom sets and the prints drop this Thursday (11.29) at 3 PM PST from WuzOne’s web shop.  Prices include worldwide shipping.


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Junko Mizuno x Tomenosuke — New Sofubi Minis In the Works


Junko Mizuno has new mini sofubi toys on the way.  She’s working with Tomenosuke on figures of several of her characters including Takumori, Meat-chan, Unco, a tooth and more.  So far Tomenosuke has  only shown a poster (after the jump) featuring a lineup sketch and a photo of the sculpts. With the figures already in production, we’re looking forward to more news, perhaps full-color character design reveals.


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Jong Hun Ha — Ghost Hazard


The Hazard family of street wise lizards continues to grow.  Jong Hun Ha has just released Ghost Hazard—a spooky lil’ Hazard (2.7”). The dynamic pose—with the character seemingly floating above the ground, his kicks barely touching—is a cleverly creative.  Maybe it’s just me, but the figure also seems to evoke the Jiangshi or Chinese  hopping ghosts/vampires with the outstretched arms and the yellow horn filling in for the usual scroll on the forehead. 

Limited to 20 handmade pieces, Ghost Hazard is available now for $60 from the Hands In Factory store.


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Nov 26, 2018

Kimparks Lab — 50cube Christmas Figures + Santa Sleigh Set


Korean design studio Kimparks Lab is celebrating the holidays with special Christmas versions of their cube mini-figures. Limited to 100 ABS pieces each, the 50cube Cubing Santa (~4”) and 50cube Baekgu Rudolph (~3”) feature battery-powered light-up features and come with removable bases and signed and numbered Certificates of Authenticity.  For that warm holiday cheer, the white top Santa’s hat lights up while Rudolph’s nose and face both glow the signature red.  For those looking for the full Christmas Night gift delivery experience, Kimparks Lab is also offering a deluxe Santa Sleigh Set (edition of 3) featuring Santa, 4 Rudolph figures and a two-part sleigh complete with 4 mini presents accessories.

The Christmas figures are available direct from the Kimparks Lab web shop through December 3rd with special pricing reflecting a 15% pre-order discount. Santa and Rudolph are currently available at a discounted $61 each while the Sleigh Set is available for the pre-order price of $831.  Two-figure sets are also available for $110.  The toys  will ship-out on 12.6.


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Rainbow Power! Coarse x Instinctoy Paw! for Tokyo Comic Con


Its quite fitting that Instinctoy has worked with Coarse on a brand-new Exclusive paw! for release at Tokyo Comic Con.  In announcing the collaboration, Instinctoy’s founder Hiroto Ohkubo recalled his awe at the quality and attention to detail Coarse put into the original paw! releases from toy to the immaculate and creative packaging.  In its own way, Instinctoy has walked a similar path with exacting care paid to all aspects of their toys’ production.

For the return of an old friend, Instinctoy created a new color design featuring a bold take on pastels with what appears to be a slightly metallic style finish.  Echoing the imaginative and luxurious packaging which quickly became one of their hallmarks, Coarse has crafted a colorful, clean, and creative box presentation complete with a delicate purple ‘leaf’.  Available at their TCC booth, Instinctoy’s exclusive paw! is bound to top many want lists.


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Cardboard Spaceship Exclusive Wobblear (12.1)

45466962_2174842129398918_7941920842067638650_nAmanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak’s Thimbletump Hollow 2 is the mini series that keeps giving.  In addition to the standard series and the Hot Topic exclusive Unicorn Galaxy colorway series,  the special retailer exclusive Canyon colorway continues to grow each week.  Next up is the Canyon Wobblear dropping on Saturday December 1st at 12 PM PST from series producer Cardboard Spaceship

In other Canyon edition news, LIFT will also be dropping their exclusive Periwinkle figure in yewllo on 12.1 – more news soon.  So far six of the ten Canyon exclusives have been revealed with four still shrouded in mystery.  Chris and Amanda will  soon release their exclusive Woolworth and Fuzzhorn  exclusives—fresh off their DCon debut on Bindlewood soon.  Hit the jump for an up-to-date Canyon Colorway check list.


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Ngaew Ngaew – Ngeaw Angry Dino (11.27)


Hot on the heels of the Rainy edition comes Ngeaw Angry Dino from Thai artist Ngaew Ngaew.  The new edition showcases the cute beast’s fiery mood with red GID soft vinyl. The dino’s better side? His feisty right or the slightly dinged up left? Limited to 20 pieces, the Angry edition will be released this Tuesday (11.27) at 6 AM PST  for $65 (+ s/h).

As with many releases from Thai artists, this one will be done via FB comment.  To purchase, visit the artist’s Facebook page and comment on the release post with a ‘1’ indicating that you’d like to buy one figure.  The artist will contact buyers directly to set up payment.


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An Offer You Can’t Refuse. The Catfather by Fools Paradise (11.29)


Fools Paradise continues its string of homage/parody art toys with an offer you can’t refuse.  The Catfather is coming, tongue-in-cheek.  Sitting in a large chair with carved dog armrests, the Garfield-like boss plots his next move, cradling what just might be a bird.  Pre-orders for FP’s latest vinyl art toy go up this Thursday (11.29) HK time—Wednesday Pacific Time—on their site.


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Nov 24, 2018

One More Shot. Gambino 2.0 by Give Me Plastic


If you missed the first sold-out edition of Give Me Plastic’s Gambino resins (7.5”_, it’s time to focus as pre-orders for Gambino 2.0 in both Gold Gun and Greyscale editions are up now on his site for CA$68 (~$52). These are set to ship out on December 10th.

Gold Gun recreates the OG full-color edition while swapping the gun from black to gold. Greyscale amps the gravitas with a dark-hued black + gray variant. While there are other Gambino figures out there, the style and sculpt here are impressive.


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