Andrew Bell – Larry Lactose Toys + Lacto’s at DesignerCon

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Just when we thought it was safe to dive back into a bowl of morning cereal, Andrew Bell has given us the best reason yet to ponder our food choices. He’ll be releasing his Larry Lactose resins in both regular and vintage finishes at DesignerCon. The 6” figures come with magnetic crowns. Ten of these fun figures  will be at the show, presumably of each edition.

The new toys complete—an assumption, Andrew is sneaky—a fun, in-jest collection that started with the Lacto’s pin that comes in an elaborate faux cereal box.  While the project has stirred up some commotion, the products are his artistic reaction to current events in the toy world and as he’s said his own lactose intolerance.   Get all your Lacto’s merch at his booth [#108].  Next time you go grocery shopping, remember O-No Foods, makers of the very worst eats.