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Nov 11, 2018

Feelin’ Blue. Bondi Bear Returns to DesignerCon.


The Bondi Bear is back.  Woot Bear will release Dave Bondi’s rendition of the store’s mascot in a new translucent blue edition.  Find this super shiny drop at their booth [#402].

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Toy Tokyo at DCon: Hand-painted Sofb Boys by Taku Obata


Toy Tokyo is quickly becoming the Sofb Boy source at DesignerCon.  In addition to their Sofb Boy Raw.v6 Exclusive, they will also have six hand-painted one-offs from Taku Obata himself.  The ‘digital’ purple one in front has us staring, just a bit. Find these at the TT booth [#100].

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AlisAlleyArt — Steam Bunnies at DesignerCon


Aleasha Acevedo (AlisAlleyArt) cooks scrumptious resin food toys. She’s got several treats lined up for DesignerCon including these Steam Bunnies.  The Steam Bun triplets (happy, grumpy, and sleepy) come as a set with mini bamboo steamer and a red envelope with vinyl Steam Bun stickers.  Pick up the Steam Bunnies from her booth [#918] for just $75.


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Hot Topic Exclusive Unicorn Galaxy Thimblestump Hollow 2 Minis


Hot Topic has released its Exclusive Thimblestump Hollow 2 Unicorn Galaxy minis from their site for $14.99 each.  The Unicorn Galaxy colorway—from Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak and Cardboard Spaceship—features the whole Thimblestump Hollow 2 gang awash in blues, purples, pinks and gray. We’re assuming these will eventually find their way to the chain’s retail shops as well. 


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Xpanded Universe — DesignerCon Exclusive Sherbert Metal Sloth


Xpanded Universe is ready to expand your mind with its DesignerCon Exclusive Sherbert Metal Sloth sofubi.  The last sloth for 2018 features a triple marbled mix of orange, avocado green and blue vinyl produced by Lulubell Toys. Pick up this exclusive from Xpanded Universe [booth #933].


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Alex Pardee — Blind Box Pins for DesignerCon


Oooh. Alex Pardee has dreamt up something fun for DesignerCon.  He’s mixed together his regular pins + some super rare pins including some never released ones to create his very own Pin Blind Bloxes.  Each box features three pins—2 standard + 1 rare. Even better, each blind box will be $10—the value is real.  Get them before the insta-vanish from Alex’s booth [#126]. See the pics (above & after the jump) for what you can expect to find.


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Toy Art Gallery at DCon: Debut Skullion by Martin Ontiveros


Power chords incoming.  Toy Art Gallery will debut Martin Ontiveros’ brand-new Skullion with a special DesignerCon exclusive. This first factory-painted edition executed by Uh Oh Toys layers frenetic action upon the base green vinyl with green, orange, purple, black + more sprays plus rubbed details to bring out the textures.  There’s also that green guitar with sling.   The DCon Skullion will be available from TAG at booth #543.


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Mothership Toy Market at DCon: BallZee Nano TEQ63 by QUICCS


Motherhip Art Gallery is bringing the Mothership Toy Market to DesignerCon featuring exclusives from indie artists/brands including a brand-new Nano TEQ63 from Quiccs and Devil ToysBallZee brings the flavor of the iconic anime with the QUICCS street style.Find it exclusively at the Moothership booth [#2324].

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Itokin Park x The Sour Lemon at DesignerCon


The Sour Lemon [Booth #151] will once again host Itokin Park at DesignerConKazuhiko Ito will be at the booth and is going big this year with the release of six figures.  He’ll have new, revised editions of his popular Astronaut, Space Mode Man and Robot Suit. The new sculpts feature articulated arms and new sizes than the OG versions. Size wise, Astronaut and Space Mode Man are larger while the Robot Suit has been scaled down from last year.

From today’s IG previews, it looks like there are three Space Mode Man colorways: Red, Blue, Yellow (lemon).  There are also two Astronaut editions: green + gray and blue + pink. Finally, there’s a silver + gray Robot Suit featuring a pilot with glasses.  It’s an exciting year for Itokin Park collectors with the new sculpts and all the color choices.  Expect news on the release details shortly. 


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