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Nov 07, 2018

Doktor A x Kidrobot — New Mechtorians Minis


Pssst… Dok A’s new Mechtorians minisfrom Kidrobot are starting to show up at retailers.  Dok has done a really nice job in creating the 15 or so designs — fun shapes and plenty of personality.  Find the riveted ones for $14.99/blindbox at myplasticheart, Woot Bear, and others.


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Get Wet! DesignerCon Exclusive Dobichan Monochrome by Flat Bonnie


Flat Bonnie has been hard at work sewing and stitching each and every one of her DesigernCon Exclusives. Luckily for us, she’s starting to unveil them.  First up is the popular Dobichan in a new monochrome edition. Find this cutie and other exclusives including Two Touma collabos at her booth [#802].  And, if you can’t make it to DCon, there will be a pre-order later this week. 

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx x Nickolodeon — XXRAY CatDog (11.10)


Look whose gone under Jason Freeny’s scalpel.  CatDog! The odd couple conjoined feline and canine showcases the artist’s anatomoic detail in a fun 2 in 1 piece.  Limited to 200 pieces, the XXRAY CatDog will be available for pre-order this Saturday (10.11) at 6 AM PST for $150 (includes global shipping) from the Mighty Jaxx shop.


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Jerome Lu — Hyperactive Monkey and Friends Sofubi Minis at DesignerCon


Jerome Lu is set to release a sofubi wave at DesignerCon.  Get ready for the brand-new Hyperactive Monkey and Friends sofubi minis with six designs: Shao Lu, Shao Mei, Chiba Saru, Chibi Saru, Lil’ Boss Bot Girl, and Lil’ Boss Bot Boy.  Sculpted by Mac Sorro and produced by Science Patrol.  These come in bag and header and include matching character stickers. Three colorways will be available at DCon: translucent red, light green, and tan/gold.    Pick them up at the Hyperactive Monkey booth [#1118] for $12 each or $60 for a full set of six (like getting one for free).


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He’s Back… 12” Shanghai Toby DesignerCon Exclusive by Gary Baseman


Surprise!  Gary Baseman’s Toby is back in vinyl.  The 12” Shanghai Toby comes in a deluxe red, slide over style box.  Created for his Shanghai Exhibition as  VIP collector gifts, a very limited number of these signed figures will be available at DesignerCon. Drop by his booth to pick one up [#2310]

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber — Truffle Bao at DesignerCon


There’s plenty of tempting toys on the DesignerCon menu.  Now comes word of the new Black Truffle Bao by Scott Tolleson x Pobber.  The new ‘lil guy will be available at Tolleson’s booth [#2005].


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I Am Retro x Sket One — DesignerCon Exclusive Spoiled Rotten Chocolate Milk


Convention Season is the best season with so many great releases including the just announced I Am Retro x Sket One  DesignerCon Exclusive Spoiled Rotten Chocolate Milk resin figures complete with crow bar. The follow-up to the sold-out OG Spoiled Rotten Milk will be available at the Sneaker Lab booth [#720].

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Toy Geeks Behind The Counter S2E26 —DCon Preview with DKE


Toy Geeks Behind the Counter returns with gleaming 24k At-Wazi-V as part of a special DesignerCon preview with special guest Dov Kelemer from DKE. It’s available for your streaming pleasure on Youtube or below (after the jump) George, Ben and Jack M. took a look and gave their ‘expert’ opinions (!) on DKE’s entire DCon lineup which is filled to the top with a wide-range of indie bootleg-style carded action figures.


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