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Nov 06, 2018

Dulk x Silent Stage x Thinkspace — Rhino Project Pre-Order at DesignerCon


What’s this?  Silent Stage has shared a render of an upcoming rhino + fam project from Dulk.  Done in conjunction with Thinkspace Gallery, the as yet un-named piece will be on display at Silent Stage’s DesignerCon booth and available for pre-order.  Exciting news. The sculpt looks compelling.  Color choices play a big role in Dulk’s art, so we’re looking forward to a painted reveal.

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DesignerCon Preview Event at Sneaker Lab DTLA (11.8)


In a year of groundbreaking firsts, DesignerCon is holding a special preview event on Thursday evening (11.8) at Sneaker Lab in Downtown LA.  The RSVP event will offer the first look at releases from several companies including Medicom Toy, 3DRetro and more. In addition to the evening event, people who have purchased VIP badges can pick them up at Sneakerlab from 11AM to 6 PM thereby skipping the pick-up line at DCon and speeding up entry into the convention.  

DesignerCon 2018 Exclusive Preview
Thursday November 8th 2018 (7 to 10 PM)

Sneaker Lab
721 South Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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Coarse - Online Release for Jaws and Aura — Half Moon (10.8)


Ever since Coarse released the Jaws and Aura vinyls  Half Moon editions at the Beijing Toy Show in September, collectors have been awaiting word of a promised online release. Wait no more, both of the sought after figures will be released as a set for $360 on Thursday (10.8) at 7:59 AM PST from the Coarse Shop.

Both figures are firsts in their own right.  The Jaws marks the return of one of Coarse’s classic figures at the new smaller size (~10.4”), while the Aurora is a brand-new figure with a stunning sculpt that’s captured the imagination of many collectors. 


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Let the Snow Fly with the 3” Holiday Dunny by JEC x Kidrobot


Channeling the snow globes that mesmerized us as children, Kidrobot has revealed their new 3” Holiday Dunny created by in-house designer Julio E Carillo (JEC). Cast in translucent ABS, this joyous special release invites you into a winter playground with festive trees, a jubilant mini Dunny and more. The festive toy will be released in standard Fiesta Blue edition and a KR exclusive red+ green (above, 200 pcs).  Both versions drop this Friday (11.9) at 9AM PST from Kidrobot.com, while the standard version should be available at your favorite art toy retailer.

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Medicom —LASH VCD Debuts at DesignerCon


Medicom has big plans for DesignerCon with an enormous 60 x 60 booth [#405] and scores of drops including one that MVH fans have been anticipating for sometime.  The LASH VCD features Last Dying Wish brand’s devilish mascot in a bold, arms-outstretched pose.  At 13”, this one is ready to impose its will on your collection.

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James Jean x Good Smile — Mickey and Minnie Mouse Porcelain


Opening this Thursday in NYC,  Disney’s Mickey: The True Original exhibition celebrates the 90th birthday of an American icon .  As one of the featured artists, James Jean has collaborated with Good Smile to bring his vision of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as succulent plants to life as porcelain collectibles. The exhibit will offer a window into the process of creating these sculptures through a series of sketches and photographs.

Created to celebrate 90 years of the mouse, Mickey and Minnie are transformed into porcelain succulents frozen in time after decades of constant evolution, shedding and regrowing petals in the firmament of our imaginations — James Jean

This gorgeous work will likely be one of the premiere crossover releases of the year. While there are no details yet on editions, sizing or pricing, there is an as-of-yet  mostly blank product page with the magic words: ‘coming soon’.


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Hyperactive Monkey at DCon: Gerald Okamura ‘The Golden Gunslinger’ Jade Edition


Jerome Lu and Hyperactive Monkey are bringing their Gerald Okamura ‘The Golden Gunslinger’ resin back for DesignerCon. The Jade Edition of the dual-pistol wielding figure featuring the martial arts actor known as ‘The Man of Many Weapons’ is set to impress with a glossy, swirled cast that evokes the iconic Asian stone. Available at the Hyperactive Monkey booth [#1118], the figure includes a limited-edition print and sticker.  The masterful one himself will be at the booth on Saturday (11.17).


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Okluna at DesignerCon: Sora’s Guardian Spirit and More


The charming and mystical world of Ok Luna is coming to DesignerCon.  The brand has announced they will be releasing several toys for the show from the myplasticheart booth [#107].

Based on the flier, it’s likely that Sora’s Guardian Spirit is one of those drops. First released at last month’s Taipei Toy Festival, the translucent guardian features an astral design with blues and purples.


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Kidrobot DesignerCon Dunny Preview #3: Vincent by Scott Tolleson


Kidrobot’s preview of the upcoming DesignerCon Dunny series continues with the quintessential DCon design: Vincent—the convention’s mascot—by Scott Tolleson.  With a large, squarish head, and sculpted gear, the figure looks great and retains the essence of the character, in part by dialing back the Dunny DNA.  We’re looking forward to the next preview from the series which will be released at the Kidrobot booth [#2010].

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Toy Tokyo @ DCon: Sofb Boy Raw V.6 by Taku Obata


Toy Tokyo is bringing  Taku Obata’s Sofb Boy Raw V.6 to DesignerCon.  Cast in light orange, the Unbox-produced art toy is based on the Japanese artist’s large-format wood sculptures celebrating B=Boy culture. The 10” figure features nine points of articulation for expressive poses. This latest colorway will be available from the Toy Tokyo booth [#100]. 

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