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Nov 05, 2018

Mirock Toy x Planet 3 Toys —Janken Bōzu for DesignerCon


A few weeks ago we posted a stylish teaser of an upcoming collaborative release in the works from Mirock Toy and Planet 3 Toys.  With today’s full reveal, it turns out that the new toy headed to DesignerCon is in fact a Bōzu.

Janken Bōzu is quite literally a meeting of artistic styles. To create the new edition, Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy modified  dark blue+light blue marbled Bōzu’s by blending one of three arms into the top of the head and then hand-painting the sofubi toys in a blue+gold design. The elegant hybrid measures 6.7” tall, comes in three versions—each with a different hand gesture—and will be available in very limited quantities for $80 from the Tomenosuke booth [#2232].

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Nathan Hamill Heats Up the Griddle for the DesignerCon BurgerCat Catsup Edition (11.17)


Nathan Hamill’s BurgerCat is back in the new Catsup edition for DesignerCon.  Created with Science Patrol, the translucent red version of the fast food + feline combo drops on Saturday November 17th at 9 AM for ¥2700 ($25) at DesignerCon from the War Machine booth [#2313] and online from both Nathan’s web store and Science Patrol’s web store.


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Gary Baseman x Apportfolio — New Sofubi Collection at Art Toy Japan


Apportfolio  has released four new sofubi figures by Gary Baseman at the Art Tokyo Japan exhibition in Hong Kong with continues through (11.7).  Each of the four figures — Wild Girl Frelda, Morrie the Protector, Netta Fish, and Samzilla— stands roughly 20 cm (~7.9”) and retail for HK$480 (~$61).  These each look great with deco that matches the loose style of Baseman’s sketches. Presented in collaboration with Lan Kwai Fong, the exhibit also features toys from Hajime Sorayama, Jeremyville and Yoskay Yamamoto.

[On-site Photos: DaStar]


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Nerdy Collectibles x Andrew Bell — Exclusive Bad Banana Blight Kill Kat (10.7)


Just when you thought it was safe to return to the candy aisle… Nerdy Collectibles has announced its Exclusive Bad Banana Blight Kill Kat from Andrew Bell and DYZPlastic.  The creative new edition mimics the life cycle of the go-to breakfast fruit — raw green on the forehead, yellow in the middle that fades to rotten brown at the feet.  Brown spots for extra credit! 

Limited to 150 pieces, Bad Banana Blight drops this Wednesday (11.7) at 9 AM PST exclusively from Nerdy Collectibles.  Don’t miss it — if the past is any indicator, these will fly off the shelves. Alarm clock territory, without a doubt.


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