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Nov 02, 2018

DKE DesignerCon Previews: Dead Greedy x UME Toys & Markus Wania


Today’s DKE DesignerCon preview is 100% Star Wars-themed (!).  First up is Vader’s Private Collection (13” boxed figure, 10 s/n pieces, $200) a deluxe riff on the carbonite freeze from Markus Wania.  The twist is that rather than Solo, a certain Alien is trapped inside.  The  piece comes packaged in an intricate laser cut wood box. After all, it is Vader’s private collection.

Switching gears just a bit, Dead Greedy x UME Toys bring us Cookiee Wookiee (3” boxed figure, 10 s/n pieces, $55) proving once and for all that our favorite wookie and a certain blue cookie fanatic just might have been separated at birth.  Proof?  Their names rhyme, they are spelled almost the same, and they are are both quite furry.  Air tight!


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Les Schettkoe x Thundermates — Riot Squad


Fresh off their Mic-k Ultra collaboration, comes something decidedly with just a bit more edge from Les Schettkoe and Thundermates.  With lit molotov in one hand sword over the shoulder, and a mischievous head tilt, Riot Squad seems like he’s just about done with talking, meetings and debates.  Coming soon, this should be available for pre-order from the brand’s ComplexCon booth [I11].

Beyond the anarchist vibe, Riot Squad’s character design and sculptural details standout.  From the attitude conveyed with the head position, the one-finger off grip of the sword, and the eye roll, there’s alot of character here.  The Molotov’s flame is nicely executed as well. 

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Chunk’s BFF. Fancy by Jim Dreams x Unbox (11.3)


By now, many of you are familiar with Chunk, Jim Dreams’ lovable fellow who enjoys a slower pace.  Now meet his BFF, Fancy.  First released at the recent Taipei Toy Festival, Fancy appears to be an aspiring singer. The first colorway features a pink+red colorway which vibes with the bubble gum fun.  

If you missed Fancy at TTF, you’re in luck as Unbox will release the OG edition of Fancy on Saturday at 8 AM PDT from their online store.

"Fancy is a good friend of Chunk (don't jump to conclusions, they really are just friends). Ever the eternal optimist, Fancy believes that happiness begins with a smile." — JIMDREAMS 2018


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Brett Crawford x Avenue des Arts — ‘Knievel the Falcaroo’ Landing at ComplexCon


Avenue des Arts will release Knievel the Falcaroo art toy from LA artist Brett Crawford at their ComplexCon booth [L5]. Based on the artist’s original painting, this wild piece features a daredevil Falcaroo and his co-pilot Amelia.  This is one of those, ‘wait, what?’ moments, quickly followed by a  compulsion to buy.  Beyond the wacky, fun concept, the execution and humor put this one well over the top.


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Aloha! Lolligag Twilight Edition Debuts at DesignerCon


Lolligag will debut their Twilight Edition of their Aloha! Lolligag vinyl art toy at DesignerCon.  Inspired by the changing colors as the sun sets, the new edition is bathed in purple and pink hues. For this pre-release, 24 pieces of the new Lolligag will be available from the brand’s booth [#1007].

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DesignerCon Dunny Series: The Jewel Guardian by Chris Lee


Next up for Kidrobot’s DesignerCon Dunny previews is the Jewel Guardian from Chris Lee.  This mystical design has a fun symmetrical design that is just a tad abstract while playing with recognizable elements.  Good stuff.  the series debuts at DesignerCon on Friday (11.16) from the Kidrobot Booth [#2010].

Those in the magic arts have sought the aide of the Jewel Guardian all throughout history. It protects and catalogs the universe’s most powerful, beautiful, and dangerous precious stones. It also has the ability to create completely ones when the need arises… at a price of course. The Jewel Guardian loves to play games and for seekers of the rarest of stones, he’s been known to send them on scavenger hunts that cross time and space.

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BAIT at ComplexCon : Olive Mr. Penny Bags


Mr. Penny Bags returns for ComplexConBAIT is bringing back their officially-licensed figure of the Monopoly land baron in a new Olive edition.  Designed by Les Schettkoe, the 7” solid green vinyl figure evokes a toy solider vibe  and comes with his full slate of matching accessories.  Pick it up at BAIT’s booth [E5].


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MINDstyle x Capcom Street Fighter Ryu Grin by Ron English


Shoryuken!  MINDstyle will unleash their Street Fighter Ryu Grin from Ron English at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  Officially licensed from Capacom, the iconic coin-op warrior is re-imagined by the master of Popaganda.  Sporting the artist’s signature skeletal grin, the shredded Ryu figure cuts an imposing profile at 15” tall and will be available from the Toy Tokyo Booth [J-13] for $250.

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