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Oct 28, 2018

Black Seed - Mini Yu Wu Long Pre-Order


First there was Mini Yu Shou Long, now comes companion piece at the smaller size from Black Seed.  Featuring a silver, red and gold design, the  Mini Yu Wu Long soft vinyl (3”) is available exclusively from select retailers: myplasticheart (USA, $54.99), Hipster Toys (HK), Vintage and Vinyl Club (HK), Toy Station (HK), Wrong Gallery (TW), Playtoysforever.co.ltd (TW) and JP Toys (TH).  

The detail and paint on  the Two-headed Mini Yu Wu Long look the equal of the larger version.  As with its bigger brother, the helmet can be removed to reveal the skull underneath.


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BAIT x Medicom — Rick and Morty [email protected] (11.3)


Ricky and Morty fans take note, BAIT will release their Rick and Morty [email protected] in both 100% and 400% sizes on November 3rd—which coincides with ComplexCon.   Produced by Medicom, the officially-licensed [email protected] of a  distressed Rick and a determined Morty feature translucent ears for extra flair.


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Takashi Murakami —Kaikai and Kiki Sofubi for ComplexCon


ComplexCon for toys anyone?  Takashi Murakami took to Instagram to post a video of his new Kaikai and Kiki sofubi figures launching at ComplexCon!  The figure designs are based off his large-format sculptures for his recent Gagosian exhibition. These appear to be fairly large.  In the video, the still to be attached left feet are each in numbered baggies…  More on this soon. Hit the jump for the video and additional pics.


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Have It All with FrankenBob from Nathan Cleary


Nathan Cleary is working on just what might be the mother of all bombs, the ultimate Weapon of Mass Confusion.  Featuring a streamlined, interleaved panel style design, FrankenBob features elements of his previous Spongrenade sendups featuring Sponge Bob, Patrick with a bit of grin for fun. 

Nathan has been showing previews of this for a little bit, but today he posted that this was coming ‘soon’ which is exciting news.  This first one is done in Glossy White.  While we don’t know for certain, a previous pic of FrankenBob towering behind Spongrenades make us this think it might be SpongeBomber size — 8” or so.


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Time to Get Paid. Cash Wolf by Josh Divine x Kidrobot (10.30)


The Cash Wolf from Josh Divine  is coming with his mind on green — printed and grown.  There’s no denying the allure and power of both.  The new 5” Dunny design brings us a crazed wolf driven by greed and the need for weed. This one drops on Tuesday (10.30)  from Kidrobot.com (9AM PDT)  and will also be available at select retailers including myplasticheart for $29.99.


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Sorayama x XLARGE x Apportfolio – Robot Gorilla Debuts at ComplexCon


Get Excited! A brand-new, gleaming Hajime Sorayama x XLARGE Gorilla sculpture will debut at ComplexCon.  Continuing the artist’s collaboration with the influential apparel brand, the  high-end offering—produced by none other than Medicom Toy—is limited to 700 pieces and will retail for $660.  

The figure is yet to be revealed. So far, the only imagery is of the shiny packaging.   Considering the parties involved, and the additional detail that the PVC, Fiberglass, and Alloy Robot Gorilla will feature LED light effects, we’re  anxious for the unveiling.

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FLOE x Ron English — Shocking Sunflowers (10.28)


Shanghai-based FLOE will release it’s exclusive Shocking Sunflowers (16.5”) from Ron English x Apportfolio x Made by Monsters on Sunday (10.28) at 7 AM PDT from their online store.  Designed with winter approaching, the new trio of Sunflowers feature cooling blue and white tones.  Both Shocking Sunflower Gold Teeth and the Silver Teeth editions are limited to 170 pieces and will retail for $570 each. 

In addition to the two regular editions, FLOE also has a special Friends and Family Shocking Rabbit Sunflower (60 pcs) which features a new Rabbbit-style sculpt—very cool.  These will not be available for sale to the public. Hit the jump for more photos.


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Oct 27, 2018

‘Pumpkin Crab Midnight’ Rises on Halloween (10.31)


In between dressing up and maybe even planning for some Trick or Treating, Jim Mckenzie collectors will want to set aside some screen time to pick up the new Pumpkin Crab Midnight Edition dropping on Halloween from ToyQube.  This one features an unusual color scheme with a distinct green (avocado?) and black design —light plays tricks on the eyes during the scary season.

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From the Mind of A Sad Salseman : Forest Sprites


Sad Salesman is working on a new series of characters. Here’s the first of the Forest Sprites.  Not sure when these are coming.  At any rate, be sure to check out his booth at DesignerCon (#1226) for plenty of curiously cool toys.

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Fidia Falaschetti’s ‘Donald Fuck’ Goes Art Toy for ComplexCon


Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti is known for his humorous and blunt sculptural takes on iconic animated characters.  From Freaky Mouse to Ass Throw Boy and Donald Fuck, his sculptures—often large scale—recast our childhood heros by rearranging their bodies, hands where there should be feet and vice versa. 

For ComplexCon, the artist will debut art toy editions of Donald Fuck.  Standing 8” tall, the flippant duck, obsessed with his cell-phone, will be available in both gold and black glossy editions of 100 pieces each from the Gallery Stan booth (K3).

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FoxPups by Jeremiah Ketner. A Platform Of His Own.


Ah yes… Jeremiah Ketner is about to release his very own, self-produced resins.  Set to debut at DesignerCon, the kawaii FoxPup features an alert, seated pose.  Going by his IG post, we expect Jeremiah to hand-paint these in his signature colors.  After years of painting on other platforms, Mr. Ketner finally has his very own. Props.


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Uppercut 18 x Mighty Jaxx — ‘Flow’ with Yin and Yang


Flow from Uppercut 18 and Mighty Jaxx brings a dynamic, fluid polystone sculpture with a kung-fu inspired take on the Yin/Yang concept of universal balance.  The sculpt riffs on the Yin/Yang circle symbol with both Yin and Yang represented as ghost-like creatures intertwined in combat, each flowing around the other. The intertwined  design creates multiple, distinct viewing angles of Yin and Yang with their mouths wide open and tongues wagging. 

Limited to 200 pieces, Flow (7”) is available now for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx for $188 (including global shipping) and is slated to ship in Q1 2019.


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Eric So for ‘Get Animated’ To Debut at ComplexCon


ToyQube will debut a new Get Animated sculpture/figure from legendary HK artist Eric So at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  Designed for the  officially-licensed Warner Brothers series from ToyQube and Soap Studios, the new piece features a translucent rocket that appears to have several beloved WB characters inside including Bugs Bunny.  See it first hand at the TQ booth [J09]. 

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Oct 26, 2018

TTF Gwen the Corgi Pre-order (10.26)


Heads up!  Kurobokan is releasing the TTF Gwen the Corgi vinyls from Eric Christian tonight (10.26) at 9 PM PDT from their online store.  Both the Glacier Blue—blue gid paint—and Blackhead Tri colorways are editions of 100, are available for $35 each and may go quickly.


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Rato Kim — Pink Star Dinocat Pre-Order Now


Rato Kim is taking pre-orders for these Pink Star Dinocat soft vinyls.  These have a two-tone translucent design and appear to have embedded bits (stars?).  These are limited to ten pieces and are available for $66 via lottery until 10.28 Korea time. Hit the jump for details on entering the lottery for a chance to purchase.


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Balance Your Diet with Vegan Robot by Chompton Studios


While we don’t know very much about the Vegan Robots by Chompton Studios, the important thing is that they are pretty dope. Cheerful, streamlined retro robots in soft vinyl is always something we can get behind.  Right now, Chompton is offering the ‘invisible’ version (above) for $60 and the GID (after the jump) for $75 through Sunday (10.28).  Order via DM.  Looks like Chompton will also be at DesignerCon in booth 2429.


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Doktor A - Blinky Allsop Pewter Brings the Swag for DesignerCon


Blinky Allsop returns in a new’ Pewter’ edition for DesignerCon.  The newest edition of Doktor A’s dapper resin mini pairs metallic purple eyes with the glossy silvery/pewter body.  Quite nice.  Drop by booth 300 for Mr Allsop and the rest of Dok’s drops.


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Get Kawaii: TTF Kaiju Icey Online Drop (10.27)


If you’d like to pick up the new Kaiju Icey sofubis from Seri Norica that she released last week at TTF, time to set your alarms.  She will release both the Bubble Gum (¥3000/$27) and Clear Gummy Candy editions (¥5000/$44) on Saturday (10.27) at 5 AM PDT from her webshop.  The Clear Gummy Candy Iceys come in two variants that differ on the candy ‘filling’ — bear or bunny shaped candies :)


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Football Anyone? My Brother Larry by Give Me Plastic (11.4)


U: Release date changed.

Give Me Plastic is following up—and perhaps surpassing—his Gambino 1.0 resin with the dynamite My Brother Larry. If you’ve seen Ace Venture: Pet Detective, you’re likely smiling and wondering when ?  The first release of a small batch is set for Sunday November 4th at 4 PM PDT from his webshop

My Brother Larry evokes the laughter of the film’s scene in a stylized, artful manner.  Rather than attempting to mimic Larry to a T, the abstracted yet detailed sculpt offers a dynamic take on Jim Carrey’s crazy bit. That’s a long-winded way of saying that the new figure is… aces.


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Rich Page: Pumpkins, Ewoks and More (10.26)


UK artist Rich Page has a fun Friday  drop lined up for today (10.26) at 12 PM PDT from the Ume Toys web shop featuring four one-off versions of his adorable resin figures.  First up is the impressive  Sandspeeder and Geekwok set (£135/$173) which features a customized speeder and a Geekwok pilot specific to the set. In the Halloween mood, there’s also a Pumpkin Geekwok (£36.50/$47) and a Pumpkin Boy (£35.00/4$5).  Finally, a fun wildcard: Jack-In-The-Box (£85/$110).  Hit the jump for more pics.


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Oct 25, 2018

Buff Monster -- Devil Mister Meltys, Death Balls and HPM Paintings


Buff Monster has a new collection of toys and Hand Painted Multiple editions set to release this Friday (10.26) at 7 AM PDT from StayMelty.com.  On the toy side, Buff Monster has create eight unique 3” Devil Mister Meltys resins ($60) with spraypaint and acrylic on different color figures.  The Devil Balls also make a rare appearance in a micro-run of 4 pieces ($200) with black and metallic silver spraypaint.

In addition to the art toys, Buff Monster is offering the new  Infinite Darkness Hand Painted Multiples in both green and pink editions.  Each signed/numbered piece features spray paint and hand-pulled silkscreen art work.  Limited to 8 pieces, the green edition is on water color paper and is available unframed ($300).  The Pink is an edition of 4 and created on cradled wood panels and available for $650 each.


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Joe Amaro – Last of the Berbils (10.25)


So stumbled upon these Berbil resin figures from Joe Amaro. He digitally sculpted these smaller  versions—sized to the Mattel figures— of the robotic bears from Thundercats.  He’s been releasing these high-quality, hand-made, articulated versions since 2017 and is now wrapping up with the final two editions—Mumm-Ra and Anti-Berbil—completing his runs with all of the different Berbils seen on the show as his molds are about to fall apart.  Mumm-Ra Berbil and Anti-Berbil go on sale today (10.25) at 6 PM PDT from Joe’s webshop.  Amazing job at making the ‘wouldn’t it be great’ a reality and at such a high-level.


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Alex Pardee x ToyQube Green GID ‘Half A Nice Day’ for ComplexCon


Quick, what do you think of when you think of ComplexCon? Sneakers?  What about toys? ToyQube will be at ComplexCon this year with several new drops including this  Green GID Half A Nice Day from Alex Pardee.  If you’re going to the show, drop by booth J09 to check out all of TQ’s releases.

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Martin Ontiveros x TAG -- Skullion Is Ready to Rock at DesignerCon


Enter SkullionToy Art Gallery will debut Martin Ontiveros’s Space Hooldum soft vinyl figure at DesignerCon.  Sculpted by David Arshawsky, the 5” figure is ready to rock, roll and rumble with dagger (alternate hand) or axe (guitar). Look for it at the TAG booth [#543].


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Surprise Halloween Tumbler Drop by Toyerist


Toyerist (Topztoy) has crated a special Halloween Tumbler.  Cast in translucent orange resin, this fun edition features an orange GID face. Limited to eight pieces, the 2.5” figure is available now for $39 by DM’ing the artist. Tumbler is the artist’s take on Daruma.  Tumbler DIY blanks are available from his webshop for $20.


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