Nychos x 3DRetro – Jurassic Park TRex for DesignerCon

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Whoa…!  Nychos TRex incoming!  As part of the 25th Anniversary Jurassic Park show at DesignerCon (11.16-11.18), Universal Studios and 3DRetro asked Nychos to create an art toy of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex.  A perfect choice, as he’s famous for bringing terrifying TRexs to the streets in countless jaw-dropping murals.

From the wall to the shelf, Nychos’ Jurassic Park TRex vinyl art toy showcases the power and grace of his signature anatomic aesthetic. The design skillfully balances the allure of the gritty, anatomical cut-aways with the iconic appearance of the prehistoric beast. Rough, weather hide gives way to bones, blood vessels and organs seamlessly.

The impressive predator tapes out at 14” long and 8” high, demanding a prime spot in any collection.  An edition of 250 pieces, the premium figure will be available exclusively at DesignerCon for $399. It comes in a gloriously oversized, over-the-top containment-pen inspired box.  An absolute must-have for Nychos collectors.