Meet Rorot by 3imension

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The other day I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a fun new robot figure in the works from Korean artist 3imension (YoungSam Joo). After a few emails to get a bit more background on the artist and the toy, I’m happy to introduce Rorot.

With twenty plus years of experience in animation as an art director and mechanical designer and a lifelong love of plastic modeling, 3imension is launching his own art toy line starting with the personable Rorot (13.1cm/5.1 “). Rather than creating, a cold, powerful robot, the artist wanted his robot to be warm and approachable.  Part of the warmth comes from the design/sculpt which has an organic feel with gentle sloping curves and rounded features rather than the hard edges and angles often found on mechs and giant robots. There’s also that cute head, peeking up just high enough to get a glance at his surroundings. With Rog at his side, Rorot is ready (more or less) to face the world.

As you may have noticed, Rorot is quite posable with multiple points of articulation.  3imension has incorporated 3D-printed ABS joints into the resin figure to breathe life into his creation.  Expressing his emotions, Rorot can stand, sit with his legs out in front or tucked underneath him.  As a self-produced, resin toy, Rorort’s articulation is next level.

In keeping with the concept of warmth, 3imension has given Rorort a neutral color design and heavily weathered appearance. The impressive weathering adds to the sense that Rorot has spent years wandering and exploring. It also speaks to the joys of meticulously hand-painted toys.

3imension is planning to release Rorot from his website sometime in November.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated to make sure you have a chance to adopt one of these curious and charming robots.