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Oct 31, 2018

DKE at DCon: Dollar Slice Bootlegs, Snapp Fink Toys & Wazi Toys.


Yes, we’re still trying to catch up to the DKE Toys Dcon Express.  Here’s our second cram session featuring their latest DesignerCon announcements (#s’ 3-4). Sometimes you just know where to start.  And that somewhere is the shit, literally. 

AT-Wazi-V by Wazi Toys is an over-the-top, luxurious celebration of Star Wars parody.  This hand-customized AT-AT Walker in the middle of #2 is lovingly adorned in 24k gold leaf —yes, you read that right. In case you like options, the $1500 piece comes with both regular and golden poo— made up of a gaggle of Ewoks.  And if you’re looking for something a bit more cubicle friendly, Wazi has you covered with what else, an Ewok of course. Endoré Funz (3.75”, 20 s/n pieces, $45) seems quite pleased with himself as a pseudo-citizen of Springfield.

Staying with a Galaxy, Far, Far Away, Dollar Slice Bootlegs is up to his usual hijinxs with Grail Piece (3.75”, 10 s/n pieces, $55), an ode to ultra-rare vintage Star Wars figures — the Blue Snaggle Tooth and the Rocket Firing Boba Fett.  And yes, the rocket does fire—eye protection is a must. 

Finally, it seems only fitting that with a 25th Anniversary Jurassic Park show at DesignerCon, Snapp Fink Toys would release Jurassic Nedry (3.75”, 10 s/n pieces, $55). This absolutely un-official figure reminds us that there might be a fate worse than death for the tragically greedy.


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Double the Trouble. A Pair of Halloween Brachiosores by James Groman x TAG.


Halloween is here and TAG is handing out the treats, namely two factory-painted Brachiosore editions (8”) from James Groman. There’s a purple, pink and blue beast as well as our pick, a green+purple design that also brings the yellow and oranges for candy-corn style feet. These editions are quite limited and will drop this Friday (11.2) at 12 PM PDT for $135 each from the TAG Web Shop.


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Urban Vinyl is Back in Black. Cheeky Mouse by Johnny Draco x Mighty Jaxx (10.3)


When I first saw the neon-tinged video teaser for Johnny Draco’s upcoming toy with Mighty Jaxx featuring a multi-colored toothy grin, Cheshire Cat came to mind. Nope, not a cat, but a mouse!  And a dope one at that.  While this first image still leaves us imagining the front and back, Cheeky Mouse is a fresh  take on Urban Vinyl with a sly character, sharp clothes and an energetic pose. Exciting stuff. Cheeky Mouse goes front and center this Saturday (10.3) at 7 AM PDT over at the Mighty Jaxx online emporium.

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Trick or Treat with Halloween Miscreants by Miscreation Toys x TAG (11.2)


Following on the heels of the Living Dead edition, comes a brand-new edition of the Mini Miscreants. Filled with mischievous intent, the Halloween Miscreants with a stylish take on the black + orange traditional color scheme. The set of all six drop this Friday (11.2) at 12 PM PDT for $75 from the TAG Web Shop.  Always, always, choose treats.

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Revealed in Living Color. Protro Knight by Tracy Tubera.


Holy Batman!  About a week ago, we posted a look at the sculpt for Tracy Tubera’s Protro Knight.  Now, here’s a full reveal of the debut edition which is set for DesignerCon.  While we’re tempted to say it’s gotta be the shoes (which do like tight, despite the awkward made-up name), the gray + yellow treatment really works with this sculpt especially the accents throughout. Compelling.  Be sure to visit Tracy’s booth [#1018] for his Caped Crusader and Thanos’ Infinity Gems.

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DKE Toys @ DCon: Bombermat Toys,Galactic Jerkbag, Seth Relentless & Nekosatsu Toys.


For DesignerCon, DKE (booth #2523) has curated a brand-new lineup of 20+ 3.75” art action figures for your enjoyment.   We’re in catch-up mode, so enjoy this look at the four release from the first two announcements.

Let’s start with the political and timely  Officer Large Burger (3.75”, 20 s/n pieces, $45) by Seth Relentless which recasts McD’s police chief as a child detention officer. A signed and numbered edition of 20, this figure is really well done both in terms of the sculpt and the tight paint.

On the flip side, comes Colonel Sandroid (3.75”, 22 s/n pieces, $45) by 17-year old Henry Zack (Nekosatsu Toys).  Personally, a robot would be preferable to the current revolving door of KFC pitchmen.


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Rawrrrr! Jurassic Park Felipe Rex by Juan Muniz x 3DRetro


Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the jungle.  The terror is real, Felipe Rex is on the hunt.  Created by Juan Muniz for the 25th Anniversary Jurassic Park Show at the upcoming DesignerCon (11.15 – 11.18), the vinyl art toy features his signature character re-imagined as the ultimate prehistoric predator.  Produced by 3DRetro, Felipe Rex (600 pcs) will be available exclusively at DesignerCon for $40.  This is the second of three official Jurassic Park art toys licensed from Universal and follows this morning’s announcement of the TRex by Nychos.


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Nychos x 3DRetro — Jurassic Park TRex for DesignerCon


Whoa…!  Nychos TRex incoming!  As part of the 25th Anniversary Jurassic Park show at DesignerCon (11.16-11.18), Universal Studios and 3DRetro asked Nychos to create an art toy of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex.  A perfect choice, as he’s famous for bringing terrifying TRexs to the streets in countless jaw-dropping murals. 

From the wall to the shelf, Nychos’ Jurassic Park TRex vinyl art toy showcases the power and grace of his signature anatomic aesthetic. The design skillfully balances the allure of the gritty, anatomical cut-aways with the iconic appearance of the prehistoric beast. Rough, weather hide gives way to bones, blood vessels and organs seamlessly.

The impressive predator tapes out at 14” long and 8” high, demanding a prime spot in any collection.  An edition of 250 pieces, the premium figure will be available exclusively at DesignerCon for $399. It comes in a gloriously oversized, over-the-top containment-pen inspired box.  An absolute must-have for Nychos collectors.


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Ciecy — Retro Barbie Tapoo Lottery


Ah-ha!  We saw these trippy retro space ship soft vinyls at Beijing Toy Show and made  made a mental note (errr…) to circle back and learn more… Thankfully, thanks to Instagram, we’ve found the little miss astro again.  Turns out this is Tapoo by Ciecy and is yes, a tape-cassette player turned space ship concept.

This new Retro Barbie Tapoo in Pink + Blue is available now for $62 + shipping  via lottery.  We’re not quite sure when it ends, but there should be a little less than a day left as of this posting.  To enter for a chance to purchase drop an email to [email protected] with your Name, IG Name, Paypal email, shipping address, phone number and be sure to use ‘RBtapoo lottery’ as the subject.


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Oct 30, 2018

Make that Two DCon Shards! Shard Panic by Scott Tolleson


So the other day we brought word of the 3” Shard Pain featuring a very visceral red marbled design.  Turns out Scott Tolleson had at least no more Shard up his sleeve. Namely Panic.  This DesignerCon Exclusive 5” Shard features a marbled bluish-green translucent resin design.

Limited to 80 pieces, these will be available from Scott’s booth (#2005) for $150 with a small amount for Friday’s VIP Preview night and the rest releasing on Saturday morning.  Happy Hunting!

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X-Large x Sorayama — ‘Robot Gorilla’ Sculpture Debuts at ComplexCon


After a fun tease showcasing the elaborate packaging, here’s a look at the now revealed X-Large x Sorayama Robot Gorilla (700 pcs, $660) sculpture which will debut at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  The light-up piece, which blends elements of a bust and bold signage, features celebrated Japanese Artist Hajime Sorayama’s futuristic take on the streetwear brand’s irreverent Gorilla mascot.  A highly collaborative effort, the sculpture was realized through the additional efforts of Medicom Toy, Apportfolio and Japan’s Nanzuka Gallery.  Check out the piece with the lighting off after the jump.


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Loptoy — Boo! Ghosmo GID is here.


Loptoy is offering Ghosmo, a special Halloween GID edition of his Bumo soft vinyl figure, through an e-mail release.  What’s a Bumo ?  Good question. Our best guess?  A unicorn-dragon mix.  Limited to 20 pieces, Ghosmo can be yours for $55 plus shipping.  To purchase drop a line to [email protected] with a subject of “Ghosmo” and be sure to include your IG name.  See the lil’ guy glow after the jump.


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Instinctoy x Kasing Lung — Tokyo Comic-Con Exclusive Zimomo


Pink, Blue, Translucent and infectiously cute with maybe a hint of iridescent flake or foil.  Instinctoy will release a Tokyo Comic Con  Exclusive Zimomo by Kasing Lung. While similar to the artist’s signature Labubu, Zimomo has a rounder head, and a dragon-like tail.   As you may know, Kasing’s are extremely popular, so expect this one to go quickly. If you’re going out to the show (11.30 – 12.2), expect long lines at the massive Instinctoy booth.


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ToyQube — Astroboy Los Angeles Edition Debuts at ComplexCon


Astroboy is showing for the City of Angeles with the new Astroboy LA edition coming to ComplexCon from ToyQube [Booth J9].  The black on black figure features the iconic character flashing LA Hands.  This is the third installment of TQ’s Astro Boy city series following NYC and Bangkok.

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Oct 29, 2018

3DRetro x Tomenosuke —Mimi the Cannibal Girl Candy Pink Shared Exclusive


Next up for the consistently sold out Mimi the Cannibal Girl from Japanese artist Utomaru is the Candy Pink shared exclusive between 3Dretro and Tomenosuke. The first painted edition, Candy Pink features a Pink + GID marbled design.  Limited to just 50 pieces, the exclusive brings the Cannibal Holocaust-inspired piece to life, day or night which seems rather fitting.  

Mimi the Cannibal Girl Candy Pink will be available on Halloween (10.31) from 3Dretro ($155) for collectors outside of Asia and at 11:59 PM that night in Japan from Tomenosuke (¥17,500) for those in Asia.  The pricing reflects the higher costs associated with making marbled figures requires throwing away most of the vinyl material.


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Relive the Iron Giant with ‘Forest Walk’ from Amanda Visell


Before The Incredibles, before Pixar, before all the hoopla, Brad Bird made Iron Giant and it was awesome.  Relive the heartfelt story of a boy and his newfound robot friend, with Amanda Visell’s new one-of-a-kind Forest Walk (9”, $900) wood sculpture.  Forest Walk is the first of several one-off Iron Giant sculptures coming from Amanda, one per day.


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Louis De Guzman x Bettermeart — ‘Elevate’ at ComplexCon


Last week, we brought you a quick look at  Chicago-based artist Louis De Guzman’s Elevate coming from Bettermeart.  As promising as that first look was, the official news and photos bring some unexpected and welcome news, namely that Elevate is in fact cast in vinyl. Based on the print of the same name, the 8” piece—the artist’s first vinyl—features Springfield’s infamous troublemaker doing his best to grab big air.

Realized in the artist’s signature geometric abstraction style, the dynamic figure has caught the imagination of collectors.   Elevate will be released at ComplexCon in Long Beach (11.3 – 11.4) from the Bettermeart booth [J10] for $275.


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Meet Luna by Clemnte x Instinct Pump


Newcomer Instinct Pump’s next toy project is Luna the witch by NY artist Clemnte. The star of the artist’s ‘Wicked Adventures of Luna’ universe, the slender witch has a definite presence with her piercing gaze and  oversized, broad brim hat.  The prototype looks great (after the jump).


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Beware the Mushrooms! Tomulando at DesignerCon


While they won’t be able to make the trip to Anaheim themselves, Law Sunyeung is sending the Tomulando vinyls.  Created in super-limited micro runs, 1 of each of the four editions of carnivorous mushrooms shown above will be available at the show— apparently split between the  Monsterfoot Creations (#1641) and Hardcore Toys (#1741) booths.  Having seen these figures in person, they are outstanding, very distinct vision and extremely well executed.


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Rain Toy Studio — Rain Rapbit Pre-Order


Thai-based Rain Toy Studio just opened pre-orders for their new Rain Rapbit resin. Rather than a straight cute play, Rapbit blends the normal, everyday, with the cute with the apron, the posture, the over-sized teeth Limited to 15 pieces, this curious, unassuming bunny stands about 4.3” tall, and is available for 750 baht (~$23) plus shipping.   To order  head on over to the Facebook sale page and comment with a ‘1’, meaning you’d like to order a figure.  The artist will reply to the first 15 to complete the purchase. The figures are completed and will ship with a round pog-type disc that doubles as an optional base of sorts.


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Huck Gee x BAIT — AP Robotech Roy Fokker Figures


Huck Gee has just released signed + numbered APs of the Robotech Roy Fokker vinyls that he created with BAIT. He has both the regular white colorway (48 pcs) as well as the rarer silver (24 pcs) of this Skull Squadron figure. They are each $125.  Now from his online store.


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Sink Or Swim, Kona by Hotaru Studio (10.29)


Thai artist Hotaru Studio’s first resin toy stands apart with a witty and perhaps sarcastic character. Our rather large and resourceful toad friend has found a way to cope with the rigors of aquatic life: an inner tube, of course.  The double-take absurdity of the piece is spot-on.

So far, each version of the Toad taken on a new identity and new name.  His latest, Kona (3.5”), is in the midst of an identity crisis, torn between toad and tasty desert treat. Limited to 25 pieces, the pink one with strawberry on top will be available online  for $27 on Monday (10.29) at 6 AM PDT from the artist’s Facebook.   To order, visit  the FB page, find the brand-new sales post and then comment with 1 (or 2) depending on how many you’d like to order. If you are quick enough—first come, first served—the artist will contact you for payment details.  Good Luck!

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Oct 28, 2018

‘Ngeaw Dino Rainy Edition’ Could Use A Hug (10.30)


Thai artist Ngaew Ngaew will release their new Ngeaw Dino Rainy Edition online for $65 each on both his  Facebook and Instagram pages on Tuesday, October 30th 2018 at 7 AM PDT. To order go to either of the artist’s social media pages, find the sale post and comment with a ‘1’, meaning you’d like one piece.  If you’re quick enough, the artist will reply back requesting payment info.   40 pieces will be available, 35 via Facebook and 5 via instagram.

Produced by Unbox, this adorable toy was first released at the recent Taipei Toy Festival. Cast in clear soft vinyl, Ngeaw is feeling a bit blue with a muted gray face and rain drops all around.


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Shon — Nightmare Lottery


Shon is going dark for Halloween with his new Nightmare figure.  This green+black pumpkin killer features what appear to be a custom-sculpted Jack O’Lantern head and custom oversized hands paired with a Hug Hug Cat body.  There’s also liberal blood splatter, this being the scary season. 

Nightmare is available for $80 via email lottery. To enter email [email protected] with the subject ‘Shon Side Nightmare Lottery’ and be sure to include: Your Name, Instagram Name, Mailing address, Telephone Number and PayPal email. The deadline is Tuesday (10.30) Japan Time. Good Luck!


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Instinctoy — A Pair of Tokyo Comic Con Exclusive Maguro Senpai


No… You’re not seeing double.  At Tokyo Comic Con (11.30 – 12.2), Instinctoy will release not one, but two exclusive editions of the ever-popular Maguro Senpai by Mame MoyashiGreen Spotted Puffer and Napoleon Fish.  Each is a limited-edition of 300 pieces, 250 for TCC and 50 each for Toysoul which is in December in Hong Kong.  Sadly, doesn’t seem like there’s a general online drop.

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