DKE Toys @ DCon: Bombermat Toys,Galactic Jerkbag, Seth Relentless & Nekosatsu Toys.

For DesignerConDKE (booth #2523) has curated a brand-new lineup of 20+ 3.75” art action figures for your enjoyment.   We’re in catch-up mode, so enjoy this look at the four release from the first two announcements.

Let’s start with the political and timely  Officer Large Burger (3.75”, 20 s/n pieces, $45) by Seth Relentless which recasts McD’s police chief as a child detention officer. A signed and numbered edition of 20, this figure is really well done both in terms of the sculpt and the tight paint.

On the flip side, comes Colonel Sandroid (3.75”, 22 s/n pieces, $45) by 17-year old Henry Zack (Nekosatsu Toys).  Personally, a robot would be preferable to the current revolving door of KFC pitchmen.

Galactic Jerkbag’s Lazarus Toys continues its run of  mixing and mashing rockstars and space with 1999: Little Red Correllian Core-Vet (3.75”, 25 s/n pieces, $75) from . The purple one is ready to run the blockade.

We end this rundown of DKE releases with Badmal (3.75”, 20 s/n pieces, $55)  from Argentina-based Bombermat  Toys.  This indie take on the Caped Crusader brings a vintage vibe from the  cape to the card art and distinct blister.