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Oct 31, 2018

DKE at DCon: Dollar Slice Bootlegs, Snapp Fink Toys & Wazi Toys.


Yes, we’re still trying to catch up to the DKE Toys Dcon Express.  Here’s our second cram session featuring their latest DesignerCon announcements (#s’ 3-4). Sometimes you just know where to start.  And that somewhere is the shit, literally. 

AT-Wazi-V by Wazi Toys is an over-the-top, luxurious celebration of Star Wars parody.  This hand-customized AT-AT Walker in the middle of #2 is lovingly adorned in 24k gold leaf —yes, you read that right. In case you like options, the $1500 piece comes with both regular and golden poo— made up of a gaggle of Ewoks.  And if you’re looking for something a bit more cubicle friendly, Wazi has you covered with what else, an Ewok of course. Endoré Funz (3.75”, 20 s/n pieces, $45) seems quite pleased with himself as a pseudo-citizen of Springfield.

Staying with a Galaxy, Far, Far Away, Dollar Slice Bootlegs is up to his usual hijinxs with Grail Piece (3.75”, 10 s/n pieces, $55), an ode to ultra-rare vintage Star Wars figures — the Blue Snaggle Tooth and the Rocket Firing Boba Fett.  And yes, the rocket does fire—eye protection is a must. 

Finally, it seems only fitting that with a 25th Anniversary Jurassic Park show at DesignerCon, Snapp Fink Toys would release Jurassic Nedry (3.75”, 10 s/n pieces, $55). This absolutely un-official figure reminds us that there might be a fate worse than death for the tragically greedy.


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