3DRetro x Tomenosuke -Mimi the Cannibal Girl Candy Pink Shared Exclusive

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Next up for the consistently sold out Mimi the Cannibal Girl from Japanese artist Utomaru is the Candy Pink shared exclusive between 3Dretro and Tomenosuke. The first painted edition, Candy Pink features a Pink + GID marbled design.  Limited to just 50 pieces, the exclusive brings the Cannibal Holocaust-inspired piece to life, day or night which seems rather fitting.

Mimi the Cannibal Girl Candy Pink will be available on Halloween (10.31) from 3Dretro ($155) for collectors outside of Asia and at 11:59 PM that night in Japan from Tomenosuke (¥17,500) for those in Asia.  The pricing reflects the higher costs associated with making marbled figures requires throwing away most of the vinyl material.