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Oct 15, 2018

KMNDZ x House of Blues Collection with Hobs Toy (10.17)


Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez has collaborated with the House of Blues on an Artist Series collection featuring apparel, an enamel pin and an art toy vinyl. Bandanas, scarves, shirts, and more feature his art and characters including  Hobs, the water tower bird.

Produced by 3DRetro, the Hobs vinyl features a detailed sculpt that closely matches KMNDZ’s original art.  A painterly style finish nicely compliments the fun figure. The first edition will be available as part of the House of Blues collection release.  We’re looking forward to a more complete look at Hobs on Wednesday.


The collection will be released online on Wednesday (10.17) at 7 PM PDT.  A portion of the sales will be donated to benefit Keep a Breast’s breast cancer awareness/education.  See the preview video after the jump



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Fools Paradise -- Losing Game Pre-Order

IMG_2711 copy

Take a ride back to a galaxy, far, far way with the Losing Game from Fools Paradise. The latest in the brand’s Coin-op Ride series features LowFool as Luke in Trooper ‘guise contemplating taking another go at the Empire.  The wee X-Wing features the trusty k2d2 as a co-pilot. 

Limited to 398 pieces, the vinyl + pvc set is available for pre-order now for $298 (+ $30 global shipping) from Fools Paradise and is scheduled to ship Q1 2019.

IMG_2722 copy IMG_2748 copy IMG_2789 copy IMG_2718 copy

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Incoming! Mono Spongrenade (10.16)


If you missed the Mono Spongrenade at Summer Soul, you’re in luck as Pobber will be releasing the gray+white version of Nathan Cleary’s lovable explosive on Tuesday (10.16) at 7 AM PDT from the Pobber shop. The mono follows the since sold-out OG edition.   Don’t miss your last chance to pick up this pocketable Weapon of Mass Confusion.


Inset Photo: @cudd1es

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Meet Rorot by 3imension


The other day I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a fun new robot figure in the works from Korean artist 3imension (YoungSam Joo). After a few emails to get a bit more background on the artist and the toy, I’m happy to introduce Rorot.


With twenty plus years of experience in animation as an art director and mechanical designer and a lifelong love of plastic modeling, 3imension is launching his own art toy line starting with the personable Rorot (13.1cm/5.1 “). Rather than creating, a cold, powerful robot, the artist wanted his robot to be warm and approachable.  Part of the warmth comes from the design/sculpt which has an organic feel with gentle sloping curves and rounded features rather than the hard edges and angles often found on mechs and giant robots. There’s also that cute head, peeking up just high enough to get a glance at his surroundings. With Rog at his side, Rorot is ready (more or less) to face the world.


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Buff Monster Unleashes Melty Misfits 3 (10.16)


Tomorrow’s the day. Buff Monster will officially release his Melty Misfits 3 trading cards on Tuesday (10.16) at 7 AM PDT over at StayMelty.com in  full boxes for $120, four packs for $20 as well as a new enamel pin for $10.  If you didn’t get your latest does of Melty Misfits through the Kickstarter, this is your shot.


Melty Misfits 3 features 40 brand-new characters(!) featured across 80 cards following the traditional A/B system from the Garbage Pail Kids cards which inspired the Melty Misfits concept.  Buff Monster has indulged his perfectionist tendencies and the result is a high-quality vintage-style trading card series which honors the past.  The offset-printed cards feature custom-mixed inks on custom-made sticker stock, are kiss-cut and come in a wax wrapper.  If you collected cards as a kid, these will bring that rush right back.  This set has all the extras as well from card backs with puzzles and checklists to swanky, shiny foil cards which have pencil sketch reproductions on the back. 

MM3-cards3 MM3-foils2 MM3-cards6MM3-cards1

Each box features a full set of 80 sticker cards, two signed cards and fancy special cards including brand-new scratch n’ sniff cards, foils, variants, errors, as well as a small poster. In a first, Series 3 boxes include the first-ever Jumbo sticker card.  Randomly assorted chase sketch cards and golden tickets await lucky collectors. 

To celebrate the arrival of Melty Misfits 3, Buff Monster will also release a  new minty colorway of the pin offered through the Kickstarter.


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