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Oct 03, 2018

Fingers Crossed: Mini Wooper Looper Autumn GID for NYCC


So… Assuming favorable winds, kind customs people, and good fortune, myplasticheart [#888] will release their exclusive Mini Wooper Looper Autumn (GID) edition from Gary Ham and Pobber for $35.  Fingers crossed!

This is the first Mini Wooper Looper to make it out into the wild.  Having had a chance to play with these briefly in Beijing, these are pretty amazing – a must for Gary Ham / Wooper Looper fans.  Really well done all the way ‘round.

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Tenacious Toys’ Danger Dog at NYCC


Tenacious Toys has quite the lineup for NYCC, much of which we’ve previewed over the past few days or so.  Yet, we’d be sad if we didn’t give Danger Dog, the Tenacious mascot vinyl some love.

Danger will be large and in charge at the TT booth [#780] in several editions and forms.  Rampage Toys has given the pup a wild neon pink (+blue) makeover with a run of 10 customs ($75).  On the production side, the fearless mascot will represent in both the painted OG (5”, $45) and blank white DIY editions ($40).

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And… Danger is also the star of the very first Tenacious Toys pin in an NYCC exclusive edition (100 pieces, 1.5” wide, $10) brought to life by  Nitelyfe Pins. Dig the design with fancy flourishes.  Oh, did we mention that you’ll get the pin as a fun free bonus if you purchase $100 or more at the booth ?


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Do A Double Take at NYCC with ‘Porgbacca and Chorg’ from The Katerpillar


So, quick confession…  While I adore Ewoks, not so much for the Porg… Maybe I’m just being contrary because I know they were designed to be popular or, they came second… Somehow that’s related to The Katerpillar’s Porgbacca and Chorg carded action-figure set (3.75”, 25 s/n pcs, $75) coming to NYCC by way of DKE [#575].  The fun, trading places style set re-imagines the annoying ones as fierce warriors and the wookie, as well a furball.  Fun idea and even better execution – check that Porgbacca face. 


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Flat Bonnie x Toumart Knucklebear For DesignerCon


DesignerCon is right around the corner (11.16 – 11.18) and that means another fun Flat Bonnie crossover project!  This time she’s teamed up with Touma on what looks like a really fun version of his iconic Knuckle Bear. We’ll keep an eye out for more on this one.


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DKE Toys Tempts NYCC with Barttafinger by Danny Wicked


Out of DKE Toy’s entire NYCC lineup, the funniest and most innovative just might be Danny Wicked’s Barttafinger. A downsized and collectible edition of the artist’s OG three-foot edition, the 8” version is not too big, nor too small, but just right.  The sculpt does a really credible job of mimicking a partially eaten candy bar, and the wrapper is well done too. Limited to 40 s/n pieces, Barttafinger will be available for $45 from the DKE booth [#575]. 

unnamed 40716394_522124698254387_4202715530111265480_n-2

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NYCC Chiwen Struts The Silver Bling


For NYCC, Dream On Studios has created a special, oh-so-shiny Chiwen edition. Channeling the metal’s rep as a ward against evil, the shiny edition of their newborn sofubi beast is limited to just 3 pieces and will be available for $200 from Black Drove [booth #780]. 

download download

Riding the bling, Chiwen will also make a crossover appearance as stylish jewelry. Created in collaboration with Kozoo Studio, the head pendant is cast in silver (.925 pure, 30g) and comes with identity card, Dream On Studio card, and protective case.  Sold without a chain, three of the pendants will be available for $180 each from booth #780 as well.

41336760_2103212426663375_7542209459805915559_n 41470941_304313620362090_2186062031715428126_n

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Czee13 ‘Guru’ Debuts at Five Points Fest Fall (10.5 – 10.6)


Czee13 will debut his brand-new 6” Guru resin at the Five Points Fest Fall event in Union Square (815 Broadway) during NYCC Weekend (10.5 – 10.6). Produced by Clutter Studios, Guru—a mix of East and West—will be available in the debut Sublime Grape edition  cast in translucent purple.  Be quick, as just 10 pieces (edition of 30) will be available at the event.

downloaddownloaddownload download

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