Pop Life SFBI Originals at Beijing Toy Show via Filmboat

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Pop Life will be offering several new SFBI Originals figures at the Beijing Toy Show (9.7 – 9.9) via Filmboat (Booths A20-21).  Before we dive into all the releases lined for BTS, let’s start things off with a brand-new release, the Smurfette SFBI which is the first Pop Life x Smurfs toy.

In addition to the Smurfette’s Debut, Filmboat will also have a large number of Pop Life figures including Ron English’s Liberty Grin and MC Supersized Black Light Magic (Yellow) figures as well the Mc SuperSized Minis from Secret Base

On the SFBI side, there’s a coffee-inspired Soda Kat from Kenneth Tang, as well as the Lucky Cat GrinMarvin the Martian (OG), Yosemite Sam and Speedy Gonzales SFBI—all featuring Ron English’s ‘grin’.