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Sep 27, 2018

Bimtoy – Kitty and Puppy Ghost Debut at NYCC


Bimtoy will debut  Kitty Ghost and Puppy Ghost figures from Reis O’Brien—known for his design work at Funko—at NYCC in metallic silver and gold editions.  Both will be available from the brand’s Bottleneck Gallery booth [#2160]. These follow O’Brien’s popular Tiny Ghost figure which was recently exhibited STGCC

Tiny Ghost fans will be happy to know that Fugitive Toys [booth #774] will be releasing a 5” Tiny Ghost in Blue GID at NYCC.  This limited-edition figure will be available through their lottery system.


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Rato Kim Bakes Up a Trio of Breadcats for NYCC


Rato Kim’s Breadcats are coming to NYCCmyplasticheart will have three vinyl editions of the the popular figure available at the show: Melon, Sky and Cow.  Each of the oh-so-cute Breadcats will be available for $38 from the mph booth [#888].

downloaddownload download

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Josh Mayhem Opens ‘Cuteness in the Wind’ at PIQ (9.29)


For his Cuteness in the Wind solo opening at PIQ Grand Central on Saturday evening (9.29), Josh Mayhem has transformed toys known for their cute appeal with his signature windswept or ‘blown away’ aesthetic. He’s used wire, rainbow hues of paint, and other materials, to create custom art pieces from well-known toys including Hello Kitty, Unicorno and Donutella.  In addition to sales at the event, the customs will be available for purchase online at 5:15PM EDT on opening night (9.29) from PIQgifts.com.

unnamed unnamed

Josh Mayhem || Cuteness in the Wind
Opening: Saturday September 29th, 2018 (5 –7 PM)

PIQ Grand Central Terminal
87 E 42nd St Suite 8 (near 42nd St. ramp)
New York, NY 10017

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Martin Ontiveros and TAG go Pitch Black with Glampyre (9.28)


Rock on! Toy Art Gallery will release the new Pitch Black Glampyre from Martin Ontiveros on Friday (9.28) at 12 PM PDT for $65 from the TAG web shop.  Pitch Black is a spot-on choice for an unpainted edition for the blood-sucking rocker toy. Glampyre’s (8”) sculpt captures the artist’s signature style and love of music while offering considerable articulation with moveable head, arms, wrists, waist and boots. 

unnamed unnamedunnamed

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Sep 26, 2018

Persue’s Bunny Kitty from 3DRetro


After its debut at Life is Beautiful this past weekend, Bunny Kitty from Persue and 3DRetro will be available on Thursday (9.27) at 12 PM PDT from 3DRetro’s Glendale location and 3DRetro.com.   The sly yet cute Bunny Kitty—a fun version of the artist’s signature character—comes with removable 2” Twurp and a spray can accessory. Persue is also offering Bunny Kitty with an signed/numbered 4x6” print for $75 from  his site.

IMG_9510-2 IMG_9511downloadToy_05

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Juan Díaz-Faes x 6 Forest bring you ‘Caesar’ of the Rotten Fowls


Juan Díaz-Faes’ Caesar, elder member of the Rotten Fowls gang, is a bird not to be taken lightly.  With bat slung over his shoulder, and broken bottle behind his bank, the yellow crow(?) is relaxed, confident, yet ready to rumble. 

Now, you can take Caesar home as the latest resin figure offered from art collective 6 Forest. Limited to 200 pieces, Caesar stands ~ 8.7” tall, comes with a ‘Rotten Fowl’ circular base, and ships in deluxe packaging with shaped foam insert.  Available for pre-order now for €90 (~ $106) direct from 6 Forest.  Caesar is but the first Rotten Fowl to make the jump to resin.  6 Forest has teased the next Rotten Fowl as well.

Caesar-Juan-Diaz-Faes-1-2-600x600 26072317_405215666599483_5146949530326925312_n25008733_185340118712196_5431429390711914496_n 24845075_316136138901107_7251769275310931968_n

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3DRetro Cappuccino Kill Kat Exclusive (10.6) by Andrew Bell



Zzzzz… Feeling a bit listless?  Have a break with the brand-new 3DRetro Cappuccino Kill Kat from 3DRetro.  This amped up version of the dangerous treat features a heavily caffeinated duo complete with wired eyes.


Limited to 150 pieces, the Cappuccino Kill Kat will on Saturday (10.6) at the 3Dretro Glendale location (during Enamel Market) and  from 3DRetro.com for $40.


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MITT Venomm will Terrorize NYCC


myplasticheart has just announced that they will have a brand-new, special edition MITT for NYCCSix Twenty Eight continues their run of hand-done, super hero movie themed convention drops with MITT Venomm, because it’s fun to be the bad guy once in a while. These look great – turning the helmet into a mask works nicely.  And… the murdered out, matte black bumper card is dope too.   Venomm will be available at the mph booth [#888] for $65 each – don’t snooze on these.


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Heads Up! Five Points Festival Fall During NYCC


In a bit of a surprise (albeit rumored), Clutter has announced a special Five Points Festival Fall free event taking place during NYCC weekend. Five Points Fall will take place on Friday (10.5) and Saturday (10.6) from 1 to 11 PM at their pop up space on 815 Broadway in Union Square.  The event is presented by Kidrobot, Clutter, POPaganda, Martian Toys, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Lagunitas.  Look for art and appearances by Ron English, Jason Freeny, Tara McPherson, Czee13, Kikkake Toys, American Gross, The Bots, The Outer Space Men and Nugglife.

Five Points Festival Fall will feature two special evening events. Kidrobot will host a party on Friday night (7-11PM) with live paintings and gifts.  Saturday’s Ferocious Choke Hold (7-11 PM) brings sofubi drops from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Kikkake Toys, Rampage Toys and more.

The event is great news for art toy fans in NYC and those flying in for NYCC.  We’re expecting more specifics shortly as the event was announced this morning. We’re curious as to whether artists and companies showing at NYCC will bring similar products to the event or do something different.  For instance, will Kidrobot’s exclusives scheduled for NYCC be available at this event as well ?

Five Points Fest Fall
Friday October 5th – Saturday, October 6th 2018 (1-11 PM)

815 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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Seulgie Brings the Magic with Pool Time Kitty Witches for NYCC


While Seulgie won’t be at NYCC, she’s conjured up a fun way to celebrate Halloween for the big show.  Her handmade Pooltime Kitty Witch resins feature sparkly witch hats and cauldrons.  Seulgie’s magic will be available at the myplasticheart booth [#888] at NYCC.

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Kidrobot at NYCC: Tara McPherson and Faces of Spongebob Exclusive


Surprise! Kidrobot will be releasing two exclusives at NYCC. First up is an exclusive colorway of Astra and Orbit from Tara McPherson.  This may end up being the debut for this brand-new ‘medium figure’ drawn from the artist’s Dreamwell universe. KR will also drop the exclusive Abrasive Sponge 3” Mini (edition of 500) which is a special standalone edition from the upcoming Faces of Spongebob series. All of this (and more?) will be available at Kidrobot’s booth [#322].


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Sep 25, 2018

‘Warhead’ Is Incoming from Blackbook Toy x Mishka


The Blackbook Toy x Mishka x Lamour S upreme connection keeps on chugging with toy after toy.  Their newest collaboration, ‘warhead’, is based on an original illustration from Lamour and fits nicely into two of their previous projects.  The Keep Safe eye-ball style bank would later go on to become the head for ‘The Beast’.  Now, thanks to some magnetic super powers, the beast can wield the watchful powers of the warhead.   BBT is aiming for DCon for an initial drop.

download downloaddownloaddownload

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Forbidden Brains by Emilio Garcia Debut at Swab Barcelona Art Fair (9.27)


Emilio Garcia’s candy-colored Forbidden Brains will debut at the upcoming Swab Barcelona Art Fair (9.27 – 9.30) from  3 Punts Gallery. Featuring an ultra-clear apple  an inner signature brain in eleven different colors, and a metallic stem, these are a feast for the eyes. Three AP editions of each color will be available for the contact. Contact 3 Punts Gallery for inquiries and to purchase.

Emilio continues to create amazing, delightful objects in his signature motif. From collectibles to high-end art pieces, his brain knows no boundaries.


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myplasticheart at NYCC: Inu-Harigon and Kibunadon by Teresa Chiba

41441467_2390831687810870_8445091361075669782_nAs part of its NYCC lineup, myplasticheart will release several new sofubi figures from Teresa Chiba. First up are three Inu-Harigon editions: Otaukimi, Chinese Spring Festival and Muscat (l to r, above). mph will also have Teresa’s new figure: Kibunadon.  As seen in the picture below, this fish character is bigger than one might expect, especially width wise.

41406618_2097623227166022_1635479564241458986_n 38920815_234801877174899_78514901273804800_n

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‘Falling Apart’ Brings Amazing Specimen72 Customs to NYCC


Martian Toys will present Falling Apart, a group show featuring customs of Jermaine Roger’s Specimen72 at NYCC in their booth [#488].  In putting this post together, which started as a quick look for a few previews, I fell through a deep rabbit hole, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Jermaine’s signature character turns out to be a strong canvas with diverse possibilities in part due to the reposable arms. Simply put, this show features an excellent collection of custom Specimen72’s including It Can’t Rain All The Time by Dave Mark,  So, hit the jump for a preview of the show made during my visit to wonderland.

Superlatives like ‘best’ get tossed around rather casually, but Falling Apart is one of a handful of custom shows in recent memory that has truly excited me.  Props to all the artists, Jermaine Rogers, and Martian Toys.


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Super7 at NYCC: Dead Optimus Super Cyborg Plus Keshi Surprise Transformers Minis Debuts


Super7 has fresh from the factory Transformers releases lined up to debut at NYCC.  First up is the positively bad-ass Dead Optimus Super Cyborg (w/Ion Cannon) which will tower over your other toys at an impressive 12”.  Fittingly, this one brings a mono treatment to the X-ray format which extends to the all-mono packaging—very nice touch.


From big to mini, S7 will also debut its new Keshi Surprise Transformers (1.75”) in both Autobots and Decepticons series. Each series features six different characters in 4 colorways sold blind box style with exclusive matching foil character sticker. The Autobot roster features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Jazz, Ironhide and Wheeljack. The Decepticons counter with  Megatron, Starcream, Sharpnel, Soundwave, Laserbeak and Shockwave.

All of Super7’s NYCC drops will be available at their base of operations [booth #642].

download download

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Nice or Naughty, Kidrobot Has a Futurama Robot Santa Claus For You


Kidrobot has just released its Futurama Robot Santa Claus medium vinyl toy (6”) with a fun twist.  Have no worries, whichever version of the Jolly red guy’s list you might appear on, KR has you covered.  There’s the KR-exclusive ‘Nice’ version which comes with a classic ‘list’ accessory.  Limited to 500 pieces, it’s available for $49.99 exclusively at Kidrobot.com.  And then… There’s the standard Naughty edition, which features downturned eyes, and a wild futuristic tommy-gun style blaster.   Naughty is available from select retailers including myplasticheart and of course Kidrobot.com.

This cheerful chunk of vinyl might win over collectors whether they are Futurama fanatics or not.  The styling reminds us of old school vinyl and that’s a big plus in our book!

RobotSantaNaughty_03_2048x RobotSantaNaughty_01_2048x

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Sep 24, 2018

Enamel Market Returns for All Your Pin Needs (10.6)


After a very successful debut, Enamel Market is returning on October 6th 2018 at the 3D Retro Parking lot.  Come on out to browse pins, patches and toys from talented indie artists and small brands. 

Enamel Market
Saturday October 6th (11 AM – 5 PM)

3D Retro
1851 S. Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201

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A Trio of NYCC Halloween Konatsu Treats from myplasticheart


So… The other day we posted about a pair of sweet Halloween treats from Konatsu coming to NYCC from the folks at myplasticheart.  Turns out, there’s three (or should I say, at least three).  mph just announced the Shibara Halloween edition and it’s GID!   The special Shibara along with the Negora Halloween and the Daioh Negora Halloween will be waiting for you at the MPH NYCC booth [#888].


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Convention Exclusive Bubbles from The Bots Debuts at NYCC


As part of their NYCC lineup, Tenacious Toys will debut the Convention Exclusive Bubbles vinyl (2.5”) from The Bots and Urban Vinyl Daily Toys. Tenacious will have 30 of this adorable new edition which features a few shades of blue. Pick ‘em up at Booth 780 for $30 each.   As a convention edition, we expect to see these at other upcoming shows including DesignerCon.

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Super7 will Debut A New Lord of Light At NYCC With Jack Kirby’s Original Colors


Super7 will debut a  new edition of the Lord of Light ReAction figure at NYCC.  This Original edition of the collaborative figure with Heavy Metal is so named because it is inspired by Jacky Kirby’s original color design  which graced the magazine.  It will be available at the S7 NYCC booth [#642]. 


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myplasticheart at NYCC: Skattum Slime Knight from Toy Pizza


Just time for fright night, myplasticheart will release the Skattum Slime Knight special edition Knights of the Slice figures from Toy Pizza.  This special GID edition features chest graphic from Draculazer (Michael Skattum).  Toy Pizza will be signing at the mph booth [#888]  on Friday (10.5) and Saturday (10.6)  from 12-1 PM. 


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Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive HUMPek by Whatshisname


As part of their release schedule for NYCC (10.4 – 10.7), Tenacious Toys will release an NYCC Exclusive HUMPek by Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx in Tenacious blue. Limited to 100 pieces, this special edition of the amorous balloon canines (10”) will be available from the Tenacious Toys booth [#780] for $149.  A limited number of these have been flown in for NYCC. TT will take pre-orders online starting on Friday (10.5) for the remainder of the edition which should arrive via sea sometime in November.

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DKE Toys at NYCC: Vintage Gold by Lou Pimentel


As part of their releases for the upcoming New York Comic-Con (10.4 – 10.7), DKE Toys will present Vintage Gold by NYC painter Lou Pimentel.  For this intriguing series, Lou created original watercolor paintings as the backing cards for twenty different vintage action figures. Rather than paint the figures themselves, he created lifelike portraits of the characters as seen in the movies – so Leonard Nimoy as Spock rather than his 3.75” stand-in. Staying true to the action figure concept, the completed pieces feature the action figure packaged in a plastic blister glued directly to the original painting.  Vintage Gold will be available at the DKE booth [#575] for $165 each.

Having had the pleasure of seeing these in person as part of the filming for the NYCC Preview edition of TGBTC (airs tomorrow!), each of these backers is amazingly well done.  Must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. 

unnamed unnamed unnamed  unnamed

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Sep 21, 2018

Coarse Open House for Frogtown Art Walk (9.22)


As part of the Frogtown Art Walk, Coarse will open its studio to the public on Saturday (9.22) from 4 to 10 PM.  While Coarse will not have special releases for the informal event, Michelle Valigura will be showing and releasing a new ceramics collection. If you’re in the area, come on out for a night of art and wine.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the studio, this is a great opportunity to do so in a laid back way.

unnamed unnamed

Coarse Studio Open House
Saturday, September 22nd 2018 (7-10 PM)

Coarse Los Angeles
2940 Denby Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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