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Sep 30, 2018

Nokaidan – Sea Head and Blink Monk Lottery


Sea Head and Blind Monk is quite the debut release from Nokaidan.  Featuring a head that features a sculpted, cresting wave, Sea Head is a curious, aptly named character.  Love the personality and vibe here.  As for the omake, Nokaidan has gone all out.  The blind monk comes inside of a translucent fish and both have detailed painting throughout. BCB703B0-C072-42EB-BF41-D4BD09B0BF62

Sea Head + Blind Monk is available via e-mail lottery for $500 (+ s/h). To enter drop an email to  [email protected] by Wednesday or so (7 day lottery, posted 3+ days ago as of this posting).  We’re not familiar with Nokiadan as they apparently started their IG about a month ago, but they are making waves (had to…) for sure.

41446452_2128033257514980_1134124459379571841_n 41647024_304978846754659_5263350063707101010_n

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Stir Up a Scare with Halloweirdos by Little Lazies


The Halloweirdos from Little Lazies have returned.  These frightful, hand-sculpted polymer clay minis are the perfect thing to add a splash of color and fun to your spooktacular celebration. It looks like these are three species – Zom-Kitty, Cyclops and Bear.  There’s only one little catch, if you want yours by Halloween you need to order by today (10.1). These take time to make, as each is sculpted individually by hand.  You can buy these in random/blind fashion or select your character + color. Individual Halloweirdos start at $21 while a pack of three starts at $55.

42103146_905745769611237_70575251208729294_n 41646420_235663993969678_3846391286737829773_n

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Better Days Toys Spins Heads With Swivel-Action Figure (10.1)


Spanish artist Julio Sanchez Roldan of Better Days Toys makes intricate, original action figures from scratch.  His sculpts are fun, and sometimes over-the-top.  What sets Better Days’ figures apart from most other hand-made figures is that they are true action figures with articulated Joints.  

42002279_178002626427819_2979181070277510737_n41387398_244276682927535_3885992623979144878_n download

His next un-named figure of a stout businessman with dual personalities really sets Roldan apart from nearly all of his indie toy-making peers.  The figure features a rotating head mechanism activated by turning the toy’s left arm. While the term is way overused, this is ‘next level’ stuff.  The figure drops on Monday (10.1) at 1 PM PDT from Better Days’ web store in three editions with Yellow, White, and Brown jackets.

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FYE at NYCC – XXRAY Bobs Burger & Wonder Woman Plus Astroboy GID


FYE has officially announced their ‘NYCC Exclusives’ and signings they have lined up for their booth [#622].  In addition to the previously mentioned Exclusive Astroboy GID (10”, $129)  from ToyQube, FYE will also debut two exclusive XXRAY figures from Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx.  The Gold Wonder Woman XXRAY (10”, $99.99)  features an all-gold homage to the quintessential female super hero. Drawn from the popular TV series, the Bob Belcher XXRAY (10”, $99.99) brings us a clever Bob the Butcher design featuring a fun take on anatomy with a cheese burger in lieu of the normal digestive organs.  In an extra-credit touch, the burger on the plate also features the cutaway treatment.  

In addition to stock at their NYCC booth, FYE is taking pre-orders for each of the three  new exclusives through their online store with a November release window.

XXDC _WonderWoman_Lifestyle-03 GID_Astro_FYE

FYE will also host three signings at their booth [#622]: Ron English (Friday, 5-6 PM) Jason Freeny (Saturday, 2-3 PM), and Camilla D’Errico (11 AM – Noon) who will be on-hand in part to sign her variant cover-edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey manga from Tokypop.


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Pootaurus by Eimi Takano for PIQ’s NYCC ‘Cube and Pony Show’


Asked to create a custom My Little Pony for PIQ’s ‘Cube and Pony Show’ taking place at NYCC (10.4 – 10.7), Eimi Takano transformed the classic toy into a centaur with a fun twist.  Pootaurus features a partially resculpted body and a brand-new cheery poo head!  If you’re going to NYCC, drop by the PIQ booth [#131] to check out all the customs.

download download

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Sep 29, 2018

Up Next from Yoyo Yeung: Raby


Oooh… Yoyo Yeung is previewing her next soft vinyl figure. Raby features a fluffy-bunny style sculpt with two main parts and sculpted-in arms.  It’s hard to tell, but the feet may actually be separate parts.  This sculpt lends itself to both super-cute and more natural/realistic paint applications as well. Going by hashtags, Unbox will be handling production. One to watch!


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New ‘Slingshot’ Sculpture from James Jean ?


It looks like James Jean is working on a new sculpture project based on his 2015 ‘Slingshot’ original art.  He’s been posting glimpses of the project over the past few months including an initial photo of a maquette, followed by a video of which shows off the maze pattern on the character’s shoes, and today the ‘money’ shot so far – a wax cast on the left and a maquette on the right.


Zero details on this yet, but it doesn’t seem like a leap at all to say this is leading to a sculpture in some as yet, unknown material.  Guesses?  This will be fun to follow :)

35325665_1724851517590747_7158442698280534016_n 09981AFB-4FB1-4132-AAD1-F966B1D9E92C

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FYE NYCC Exclusive Astroboy GID from ToyQube


FYE’s NYCC Exclusive Astroboy GID from ToyQube featuring the ‘Liberty’ sculpt is a perfect fit for the Big Apple.  As you can see, the exclusive features a nice bright green design which looks great in normal light – many GID figures have a slightly-green off-white appearance in ambient light that isn’t particularly eye-catching.  So with the lights on or off, Astroboy should look great.


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Sket One Opening for Sneaker Lab Artist Series LA (10.11)


Sket One will open a pop-up solo at Sneaker Lab’s DTLA location on Thursday, October 11th (7-10 PM).  Part of Sneaker Lab’s Artist Series, the show will offer focused burst of Sket’s art as well as the very first chance to win a 8” Jinro Dunny—a production Dunny collaboration between HiteJinro, Sket and Kidrobot.  You must be present to win. Every opportunity is key, as the only way to get this super-limited Dunny is to win it, it will not be available for purchase.  


Sneaker Lab Artist Series Los Angeles 002: Sket One
Thursday, October 11th (7-10 PM)

Sneaker Lab
721 S. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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Cinemtraon NYCC Has the Droids You Are Looking For


These are the droids you are looking for. With a bit of a creative nudge from Dov Kelemer, UhOh Toys have created a fun, galactic edition of their Cinematron sofubi set (6.5”, 15 s/n sets, $65) for NYCC (10.4 – 10.7).   A bit of recasting sees the ode to cinema toy concept pay homage to perhaps the classic Sci-FI saga. The NYCC Cinematron edition will be available for $65 from the DKE booth [#575].

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‘Martin Longbottom’ Will Steal Your Heart at NYCC


Martin Longbottom is coming to NYCC and we dare you not to fall for this little beastie. If you’re doing a double take, this is the debut of a new, more compact sculpt which highlights his cute factor.  Tenacious Toys [booth #780] will release  a ‘NYCC exclusive’ edition (3”, 10 pcs, 45 ) of this handmade treasure from Rich Page.   If you’re focused on handmade resins, Mr. Longbottom should be right at the top of your NYCC list.

41373997_1291664760975895_849202939596660208_n unnamed unnamed

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From Tatooine to NYCC: Baby JaWabbits by Flat Bonnie


For NYCC, Flat Bonnie continues her Force-ful ‘Baby’ series with Baby JaWabbits (great name).  Limited to 50 pieces, the hand-made 5” fleece + vinyl pleather plush will be available for $20 from the DKE Toys booth [#575].   These are adorable and really nicely done, as are all of Yukari’s pieces.

Not only do you get a sweet plush at a very affordable price, you’re also helping care for animals as Flat Bonnie donates a portion of their sales to bunny/animal rescue organizations each month.


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Smart Bomb Pink Edition from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx


Jason Freeny’s Smart Bomb vinyl returns in a new pink edition.  The followup to the OG black edition, features a fleshy appearance, accentuating the ‘smart’ aspect  with the bomb’s brain-like texture. The 8” figure includes removable circular black base with copper-style plaque badge as well as free bonus Smart Bomb enamel pin.  Limited to 200 pieces, Smart Bomb Pink is available now for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx for $150

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Sep 28, 2018

Two Footlocker Exclusive 5” Jesse Hernandez Dunnys


As part of their celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Footlocker has released two Exclusive 5” Dunnys from Jesse Hernandez and Kidrobot.   The Cosmic Jaguar Dunny and the Two Serpent Dunny bring two different aspects of the artist’s creativity – one more traditional and the other stylized, pared down.  Both are available now for $30 each from Footlocker.com. No word on whether these are available at the retail locations as well.


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Toy Geeks Behind the Counter: DKE NYCC Preview


What’s this?!? Two Toy Geeks Behind the Counter episodes in a week?  You bet.  And… Dov’s 3rd episode in a row no less.  S2E25 is up and features Dov giving us a complete first-hand preview of DKE’s NYCC lineup that will be available at their booth[#575].  Stream the episode on Youtube or below to see the diverse selection of artful action figures headed to NYCC.

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Kidrobot at NYCC: Megaman, Spongebob and Astra+Orbit


We previously mentioned that Kidrobot would release exclusive editions of Astra and Orbit from Tara McPherson as well as an exclusive 3” Abrasive.  Now, KR has officially announced their plans for NYCC (10.4-7) including exclusives, early releases and signings. Let’s start with the new exclusives.


Front and center is a Megaman 30th Anniversary figure (3”, 300 pcs, $16) with a ‘pearlescent’ finish and shiny metallic accents.  KR will also release a set of ‘The Orville’ replica badges (editions of 100, $10)based on the humorous sci-fi TV shows in 5 designs: Engineer, Security, Office, Medical and Science badges.  Rounding out the exclusive details, Abrasive Sponge is an edition of 300 pieces and will retail for $16 while the exclusive Astra and Orbit is limited to 20 pieces and will be available for $80.


KR will also offer several advanced/preview releases at NYCC:

  • Adult Swim Mr. Pickles Medium Figure
  • Adult Swim Robot Chicken Medium Figure by Kidrobot
  • Adult Swim Aqua Teen Hunger Force Medium Figure
  • Stellar Dream Scouts Mini Art Figure Series by Tara McPherson

Kidrobot will also host  a signing with Capcom producer Tsuchiya-san for the 30th Anniversary Megman figure on Friday (10.5) at 1 PM and with Tara McPherson for Astra + Orbit and Stellar Dream Scouts Minis  on Saturday (10.6) at 1 PM. Finally, Kidrobot is hosting a party on Friday (10.5, 7-11 PM) at the Five Points Fest Fall event.


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Pearlescent Fortune Uamou Statue of Liberty for NYCC


If you missed the OG Fortune Uamou Statue of Liberty from Uamou which was released by myplasticheart this Spring at Five Points, you’re getting a second chance.  Call it V2.0.  mph will release a new edition of the figure in a very nice pearlescent green finish for $30 at their booth [#888].  We’ve included a pic of the OG edition for comparison.

download  download 32715592_2057361797920452_8832120530736775168_n

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Dopeness Art Lab Online Drop for Cheezy and Super Starfish Grin by Ron English (9.29)


Save the date!  For those that weren’t able to make it to their pop-up in Taiwan, Dopeness Art Lab will be releasing both the Cheezy Grin and Super Starfish Grin vinyls from Ron English x Made by Monsters on Saturday (9.29) at 7 AM PDT from their online shop.  While they haven’t announced pricing specific to the online drop, each of the figures went for NT 10,800 (~$355).  This may be must-haves for Spongebob + Ron English collectors.

download download

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Pun Pun & Shoot NYCC Exclusive from Coarse x Playhouse


Toy Tokyo will release the NYCC Exclusive Pun Pun &  Shoot at their booths [#588/688] during the show (10.4 – 10.7).  Pun Pun & Shoot is the newest release from the Friends Feast series, a collaboration between Coarse and Playhouse.  The NYCC edition (4”, 600 pcs)  is (we believe) the 2nd colorway of the humorous Panda and Bamboo Shoot duo, following the BTS colorway released by Pop Mart.  

If you can’t make NYCC, fret not.  Moving beyond the apparent NYCC exclusive branding, this Pun Pun & Shoot edition will also be available at Collect and Display (UK), Concept Store (HK), Paradise Toyland (TW) and of course, Playhouse (TH).


Playhouse has announced that they will be selling their stock on October 3rd at 10 AM Thailand time for 850 THB (~$26.32).  We’re not sure on exact timing from the other retailers, but we expect it to be around the same rough time window.


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Spongebob RockPants Is Ready to Tear the House Down


Today’s a big day for Kidrobot x Spongebob.  The drop that really caught our eye is the Spongebob RockPants vinyl. This fun, head-bangin’ piece seems everyone’s favorite sponge as a KISS-style rocker, wielding a most peculiar ‘axe’.  Dig the sculpt, especially the priceless expression.  Bummer?  The base, which is almost never a positive in my book.  Thankfully, the base is pretty great (as bases go) and features Patrick trampled flat on a large shell by Mr. RockPants. Spongebob RockPants from Kidrobot is available now from Kidrobot.com for $49.99.

SpongebobRockPantsWeb_02_2048xSpongebobRockPantsWeb_04_2048x   SpongebobRockPantsWeb_07_2048x SpongebobRockPantsWeb_01_2048x

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Baby Scarecrow by Jim McKenzie Is Available Now


ToyQube is now accepting pre-orders for the new Baby Scarecrow vinyl set form Jim McKenzie.  This follow-up to Jim’s extremely popular Scarecrow resin (also from TQ) offers a fun take on the character and includes a little blue crow.  Having seen these in person in Beijing, these came out really well and the sculpt, in particular the expressive face, is compelling.   Limited to 300 pieces, Baby Scarecrow is available now at ToyQube for $85.


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Sep 27, 2018

Martian Toys Exclusive Nano TEQ63 Debuts at NYCC


Martian Toys will debut their exclusive ‘Nano Size Me’ Nano TEQ63 from QUICCS x Devil Toys at their NYCC booth in limited quantities at their booth[#488]. The newest wee TEQ63 features the iconic colors of McD’s mascot adding crossover appeal.

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Toy Geeks Behind The Counter S2E24 : Reviews and Previews with Dov


Rejoice!  Toy Geeks Behind the Counter S2E24 is up and ready for your streaming pleasure on Youtube or below.  Return guest Dov Kelemer is joined by the geeks—George, Ben, and Sarah Jo—to review toys and preview new figures from Shag and Ron English

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Shukuteki Gacha Series Will Debut at NYCC via Blackdrove


Erik Jacobus will release his new Shukuteki Gacha Series at NYCC in a Blackdrove exclusive edition.  The series features four keshi figures (l to r, above) : Temujin: the samurai, Yoshiko: the assassin, Shukuteki: the ninja, and The Machine!  The sculpts on these look really tigght, especially given the size. Be sure to drop by the Blackdrove booth [#780] to check these out.

41522242_1104946579669663_4867768857300183536_n 41433940_1962643387366102_3930311283610804392_n  42112390_602776450125050_828541765802886693_n 42098074_302671736984815_2098697964406823191_n

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Reactor-88’s Foo Pups Come Out and Play at NYCC


myplasticheart will release the newest edition of Reactor-88’s Foo Pup resins at NYCC.  The metallic red pup features bright yellow, wide eyes and yellow tongue.  These will be available at the MPH booth [#888] for $40 each.  Don’t snooze, Foo Pup releases come around very rarely.

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