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Sep 25, 2018

‘Falling Apart’ Brings Amazing Specimen72 Customs to NYCC


Martian Toys will present Falling Apart, a group show featuring customs of Jermaine Roger’s Specimen72 at NYCC in their booth [#488].  In putting this post together, which started as a quick look for a few previews, I fell through a deep rabbit hole, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Jermaine’s signature character turns out to be a strong canvas with diverse possibilities in part due to the reposable arms. Simply put, this show features an excellent collection of custom Specimen72’s including It Can’t Rain All The Time by Dave Mark,  So, hit the jump for a preview of the show made during my visit to wonderland.

Superlatives like ‘best’ get tossed around rather casually, but Falling Apart is one of a handful of custom shows in recent memory that has truly excited me.  Props to all the artists, Jermaine Rogers, and Martian Toys.

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