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Sep 19, 2018

Tora Kun from Shon Is A New Apprentice Ninja


Taiwanese artist Shon is working on a new Ninja soft vinyl toy. Tora Kun is an apprentice Ninja, learning the mystic ways from Shinobi, his cat ninja figure.  The sculpt features the trainee hard at work focusing his energy.  In a bit of a break from his previous toys, Tora Kun has a very expressive face sculpt and interestingly seems to have an inset eye.  We’re looking forward to learning more about this upcoming release.

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Zectron and Deadly Delivery Bring You the Z Warrior (9.22)


Next up from Deadly Delivery is the brand-new Z Warrior from Zectron.  This Trilogy of Terror-inspired resin mini brings the Zuni Warrior (‘He Who Kills’) back to life.  Are you ready ? D&D continues to keep the old school horror flicks alive. Dropping this Saturday (9.22) at 10 AM PDT  from Deadly Delivery in a deep wood shade.


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Astroknight (Leader) from Healeymade Is No Pretty Boy


Healeymade ventures over once again to the Dark Side with his recently released Astroknight (Leader) resin figure. His handcast resin rendition of Kylo Ren is as stylish as it is sinister.  This one is available now from Healeymade for $70.  As with David Healey’s other awesome art action figures, this one stands on its own without need for parody, over-the-top joke, or snark.  Not to be missed.  Perhaps the last Knight ?


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Scott Wilkowski x Woot Bear – Afterlife Artifacts


Scott Wilkowski’s latest handcrafted resin project, Afterlife Artifacts, is inspired by China’s legendary terracotta warriors, entombed with the emperor to project him for eternity. Scott’s slightly more diminutive guardians are available in four marbled glow color combinations and two types – kneeling (2.75”) and standing (3.25”).  Grab ‘em before they are gone from Woot Bear for $45 each. The Afterlife Artifacts are the beginnings of  Scott’s Warrior Series coming from Woot Bear at DesignerCon, featuring new characters as well as infected versions.

IMG_0619 IMG_0618 40737184_240767286597234_7773781031607684570_n

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The Perplexing Pink Wolf Bat Thing Mother Takes Flight from Joseph Harmon and Toy Art Gallery (9.21)


Toy Art Gallery will release the Perplexing Pink Wolf Bat Thing Mother (5”) soft vinyl figure from Joseph Harmon on Friday (9.21) at 12 PM PDT for $55 from the TAG web shop.  This Perplexing Pink version of Harmon’s fun, quirky character just might be our favorite so far—the vivid sprays pop nicely against the milky vinyl and the subtle negative space helps give the illusion of luminescence. 

unnamed unnamed

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Mummie Man Makes the Jump to Color from Rockin’ Jelly Bean x Blackdots


It’s been about two years since Blackdots first released the Freaky Monster Village: Mummie Man sofubi from Rockin’ Jelly Bean in an unpainted blue edition, followed by a few GID drops.  Now, comes the 1st color edition  with a white + red paint scheme which fleshes out the toy design and Motorken’s sculpt.  With its lighthearted, cartoon-inspired take on a classic monster and impressive size (9.45”), Mummie Man should add plenty of life to any collection. It’s available now from Yamakichiya for ¥12,960 (~ $115).

Mummie-Man_1st_3 Mummie-Man_1st_4 Mummie-Man_1st_2

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Deathcat Toys x Toy Art Gallery – Milky Amethyst Psycho Sofie and Owlene


It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen the Deathcat Toys x Toy Art Gallery gachas.  Happily, the wait is over.  TAG will release a set of Milky Amethyst editions featuring the Psycho Sofie and Owlene soft vinyls (2”) on Friday (9.21) at 12 PM PDT for $35/set from the TAG web shop.

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‘Get Animated’ with Bugs Bunny and Tweety from Pat Lee (9.20)


The Get Animated series of figures from ToyQube, Soap Studio and Warner Brothers brings together popular artists to re-imagine classic WB cartoon characters.  To date, the popular project has announced and revealed toys from six Hong Kong-based artists: Eric So, Kenny Wong, Pat Lee, Chino Lam, Pucky & Tik Ka. It turns out that what’s been shown so far is about half of what’s planned with ToyQube set tounveil the USA artist roster in October!  


So far the figures have only been available as pre-orders in Asia from Soap Studios. Now, ToyQube is starting to take pre-orders for USA collectors. First up from ToyQube are a pair of figures from Pat Lee, best known for his comic book work for both DC and Marvel.  Both his Bugs Bunny (13”, $179.99)  and Tweety (9”, $169.99) vinyl + pvc toys feature highly-stylized dissected/cut-away designs that create an irregular mosaic by mixing bits of  each character’s iconic appearance with anatomic details.


Bugs features a wild, dynamic design blending the traditional gray+white with vivid, fleshy pink.  From his mismatched eyes to his bulging heart and curious leg shackles, the toy offers surprises and unexpected details.

unnamed unnamedunnamed

Pat Lee’s Tweety design just might out do his Bugs, no easy feat.  Here Tweety is recast as a force to be reckoned with.  A stylized Sylvester lurches out from his brain, perhaps in an attempt to flee the enraged canary with his angry violet eyes and almost mech-like power.  The patches of gray, fibrous anatomical details lends Tweety a futuristic, mechanically menacing appearance.

ToyQube will offer pre-orders of the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Get Animated vinyl figures from Pat Lee starting on Thursday (9.20) at 9 AM PDT from the TQ web shop.  Tweety is expected in December, while Bugs Bunny is due to ship in late January 2019

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