Pop Life at ACG HK – Hong Kong Event Box (7.27 – 7.31)

Pop Life is releasing a special SFBI Originals Hong Kong Event Box at ACG HK (7.27 – 7.31).  Celebrating the art of Ron English, the box features several SFBI figures including the Astro Boy Grin from Ron English, Lucky Cat Grin from Ron English, Popaganda x Secret Base McSupersize mini, Popaganda Collectible Coin, Popaganda x PinArts enamel pin and more.  The box is available at Pop Life’s ACG HK booth (#C17) for HK$700 (~ $89) – a great value as the contents have a retail value of HK$1500.

One of the highlights of Pop Life’s convention offerings, the SFBI Originals boxes offer a strong mix of their soft vinyl figures.  The brand has recently released boxes at Shanghai Toy Show, Pop Life FanXperience, and at SDCC 2018.  If you’re new to SFBI, they are a great way of quickly adding to your collection.