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Jul 17, 2018

Ron English x Pop Life – Punk Skunk, Mad Glad Boy, & Lucky Cat Grin at SDCC


Pop Life is bring the Ron English magic with several new releases from their SFBI Originals line set for SDCC [booth #4845].  In addition to the pair of previously mentioned Looney Tunes Grin figures, Ron will also have the Punk Skunk Convention Exclusive ($125) in metallic purple with teal accents (oooh…).   There’s also the stateside debut of OG Mad Glad Boy ($100) which celebrates an American dining institution.  Finally, there’s the hard to come by Lucky Grin Cat Convention Exclusive in ‘Lucky Red’ ($75).

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Munky King at SDCC: Prisoner XL Black Beauty + Annual Party

Munky King will be at SDCC once again [booth #4851] with a pair of exclusives and they’ll be hosting their annual SDCC party at Bar Basic on Thursday (7.19). This year brings a double dose of Luke Chueh with two new releases debuting at the show.  In addition to the previously blogged about Honey Bear (10th Anniversary Possessed), MK will also debut the new Prisoner XL Black Beauty. The larger format resin will include large pill bottle (w/prescription label), a small bag of black gel caps (nice touch), and a bonus black glossy regular-sized Prisoner.  All of this Black Beauty addiction can be yours for $250.

This year’s party at Bar Basic (7.19) will feature live painting + a silent auction with a twist.  Black light! That’s right, the artists will be painting under black lights with UV active paint.  This year’s lineup includes Bwana Spoons, Scott C., Luke Chueh, Rocom, Carly Ealey, Bill McMullen and Martin Hsu.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.58.04 PM 35292435_785094388548612_6911693133453459456_n

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Ron English x Looney Tunes x Pop Life Debut at SDCC


For SDCC 2018, Pop Life will debut two new Looney Tunes projects from Ron English.  Sporting the artist’s signature ‘grin’, both the Speedy Gonzales and  Yosemite Sam figures are part of the SFBI Originals line which is inspired by vintage sofubi.    Both will be available as advanced releases at the Pop Life booth [#4845] for $75 each.

These officially licensed figures should help spread the power of Grin far and wide.  There’s more Ron English x Looney Tunes fun to come including Marvin the Martian and Pepe Le Pew.


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