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Jul 02, 2018

Nouar x Martian Toys – Blueberry Mister Self Indulgence + Watermelon Little Scoopy (7.4)


We celebrate America’s Independence on July 4th in many ways, with fireworks, food and more food front and center.  So it’s fitting (and filling)  that Martian Toys is offering a presale of the Blueberry Mister Self Indulgence (9”) vinyl art toy from Nouar which includes the Strawberry Lil’ Scoopy figure (4”) on the Fourth of July (7.4) at 7:04 PM EDT (4:04 PM PDT) for $150. Presale orders of the new Mister Self Indulgence will include a sweet bonus—two Bluberry Pie pins.  The food fun doesn’t stop there. They are also releasing the standalone Lil’ Scoopy Watermelon Edition for $29 each at the same time. 


The presales are limited to 120 pieces of each and are slated to ship out the 3rd week in August.  From the wording of the announcement, it sounds like this is the initial batch for both releases with more to come later.   For those keeping track, this is the 3rd edition of Mister Self Indulgence following the OG Cherry Flavor and the Clutter Exclusive Berry Pink.


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