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Jun 16, 2018

Great Twins x Terminator 2 – T-800 Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure


Great Twins will launch its new Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure series with the Terminator 2: T-800 officially licensed figure.  Capturing the realism and detail of the 1/6 genre in the more practical 1/12 scale (6”), the upcoming T-800 figure features a high-level of detail throughout from the 25 points of articulation and  impressive hand-painted head sculpt of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Terminator’s all-black PU fabric outfit and considerable arsenal of weaponry and gear. 

An excellent way to relive the classic sci-fi action film, the T-800 Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure includes a Terminator 2 Judgment Day display stand to complete the experience. The debut figure in this new 1/12 series is slated for release in Fall 2018 from Great Twins.

T-800 ()_3jpg T 800_2 Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure (4

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Dehara Yukinori – Sofvi Dismantling at Giant Robot 2 (6.16)


Dehara Yukinori returns to Giant Robot 2 for his  Sofvi Dismantling solo show opening on Saturday (6.16) from 6:30 to 10:00 PM. The latest iteration of his sofubi toy show promises something different.  From the name and the preview pics, it looks like Dehara will be offering figures built by mixing and matching parts from his large catalog of designs.  This is mixed parts taken to the extreme, not just different color parts from one sculpt, but different colors and sculpts…  

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Yukinori Dehara || Sofvi Dismantling
Opening: Saturday, June 16th 2018 (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Deadly Delivery – Brundlefly and The Nameless Terror (6.16)


Deadly Delivery is back with two frightening new minis to make your mailbox scream with joy. Both the debut edition of The Brundlefly from Vilesore and the flesh edition of The Nameless Terror from Zectron will drop on Saturday (6.15) at 10 AM PDT from the DD shop for $25 each

Inspired by The Fly, The Brundlefly is Vilesore’s take on a human-fly hybrid creature, beast.  It debuts in a slimey snot green resin.  The flesh version of Zectron’s Beastmaster inspired monster is the last hurrah for this sculpt – don’t miss out.


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