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Jun 06, 2018

KAWS -- ‘Together’ Vinyl Coming


Yesterday, KAWS showed off a new vinyl version of his Together sculpture, featuring two hugging Companions.  Up until now, Together has been exhibited as a series of huge to large sculptures at several of the artist’s exhibits including with More Gallery at Art Basel Switzerland (2016), KAWS: Where the End Starts (2016) in Fort Worth, Texas, and Far Far Down (2017) in St. Louis.    No word on release dates or pricing, but seems reasonable to expect it in the near future.

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Cote Escriva x Thundermates – Creepy Duck Mono (6.7)


Fans of Coté Escrivá’s takes on Disney characters will want to set their alarms for the impending drop of the Creepy Duck Mono edition from Thundermates.  The mono brings a vintage, old-time ‘toon feel to the skull and bones Donald. It drops directly from Thurdermates.com on Thursday (6.7) at 7 AM PDT. No word on pricing so far.

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