Superplastic – Janky Launches on Kickstarter !

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After the mysterious initial logo teases at the end of last year and the more recent artists’ design reveals, today’s the day that Superplastic from Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee officially launches the new Janky platform on Kickstarter (5.15 @ 9 AM PDT).   Up until now Superplastic has been pretty tight-lipped about the project.  That changes today.  Before we dive into all the details, just a quick PSA – there’s an Early Bird special which gets you a free bonus Janky if you back the project (at any level) by 9 PM PDT on Tuesday (5.15).  Ok, now here we go…

The first Janky mini series features twenty 3” vinyl figures designed by a talented roster of sixteen artists: Rhum HamMcBess, GarthRicardo Cavolo, Be Nice & SimpleBubi Au Yeung, ParticleJason Limon, BranPete Fowler, LotusJunko Mizuno, Ro-Mu-Lo by El Grand Chamaco, Two BitsHuck Gee, Mr. KabutomushiTADO, B. WatcherJoe Ledbetter, Lucky Bucky + Bloody BuckySket, SugarDolly Oblong, Space JankyDalek, Tantaclanky TearsCamilla D’Errico, F.T.N .Mark Gmehling, ReddiechiJake Parker, and three mystery designs.  Each of these will come blind in a ‘surprise box’.

Exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign is the King Janky The First 3” figure featuring a dapper royal design.  This one’s swanky, sharp, and smart all at once.

In addition to the 3” Jankys, there’s also the 8” Superjanky. The red+blue Be-Ni-To Eye-Strain Blue Edition (666 pieces) from El Grand Chamaco-one of the first revealed Jankys—is the first 8” Super Janky and is available in several of the rewards packages.

More?  Oh yes… The Janky Kickstarter will also feature the brand-new Maximillian CA$H ‘Falling Into Autumn’ edition (333 pieces, 9-inch) vinyl figure with a head that can be removed to reveal the skull underneath.  We’re really excited that Superplastic is doing original toys (one and counting!) in addition to the brand-new Janky platform.

Got that…? It’s  alot of toy joy to take in. Let’s just quickly dive into some of the reward levels. The Janky Starter Pack ($28) is a great jumping off point featuring 3 Janky figures. The Janky Launch Pack ($35) gets you 3 Janky surprise boxes + the KS exclusive Janky The First launch figure. The next two tiers add in one of the two larger figures in addition to the 3 Jankys and one launch Janky—The SuperJanky Launch Pack ($100) comes with the 8” El Grand Chamaco SuperJanky while the Maximillian Ca$h Launch Pack ($110)comes with the sweet new Pete Fowler figure. That’s just a quick overview – go take in the Janky Kickstarter page for all the info + reward levels. Have fun!