Recap: VTSS at Pop Life FanX

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Here’s a look at the VTSS booth at  Pop Life FanXperience art toy convention held this weekend in Guangzhou, China.  Front and center were the recently released Bruised Lee figures from Luke Chueh with a newcomer—a black + gold edition—which is currently in production.  VTSS also showcased recent releases such as Bat Boy from Bounce, the wild Spongebob-inspired Humanoid Sea Friends Spongebuddy and Patbuddy from Miguel Vasquez, Cont “n” Roller from Yosuke Ueno, the Prehistoric Cuties and more.  They also previewedupcoming releases including 2Vth—King Tut meets V for Vendetta—from Marwan Shawhin as well as the Twins and Dancing Spoons sculptures from Okedoki.

[Photos: VTSS and Trouble Bros.]