Jean-Michel Basquiat Dunny Series from Kidrobot (5.18)

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Kidrobot pays homage to the tremendously influential work of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat  with the 3” Dunny Series bearing his art and his name.  The blind-box mini series features 18 designs with several iconic images as well as his signature crown and loose, almost scribble-like aesthetic. The Basquiat Dunnys drop on Friday (5.18) at 9 AM PDT from and select art toy retailers for $11.99/blind box.  As an enticing bonus, Kidrobot is offering a GWP Gold Crown Dunny to the first 35 people who purchase case directly from them.

With the Warhols Dunnys and now this new Basquiat series, Kidrobot is broadening the appeal of the definitive art toy platform as a canvas for art without qualifiers.  Street art, illustration, museum art, and art by the artist who holds the record for the most expensive painting sold at auction which went for a staggering 117 million dollars.  While some of the series designs are clean and minimalist – a single crown or a pattern of them, others embrace Basquiat’s bold and sometimes challenging work with scrawled text and figures that are defiant and define the edge.

In terms of collectability, this series is fairly collector-friendly with ratios with a flat ration structure: 1/24, 2/24, and 1/48.  There’s also the ‘Love is A Lie’ (notebook paper) piece with a mystery ratio. Some quick math pegs the ratio at 2/24 – unless there’s an unlisted chase.