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May 25, 2018

Kronk x Kidrobot – Indie Eagle 3” Dunny (5.28)


Kidrobot will release the extremely well-designed Indie Eagle 3” Dunny from Kronk on Memorial Day (5.28)—likely at 9 AM PDT— for $14.99. The Red, White and Blue design featuring a Bald Eagle celebrates the United States of America generally and Independence (Day) specifically. The ‘Celebrating Indie Spirit’ phrase on the top of the box seems to remind us that Independence is a way of life, a way of doing, creating and being.

IndieEagle-7 IndieEagle-8

The starry-eyed eagle rockin’ shades is front and center with an animated expression. Kronk has worked numerous symbols and references into the overall design, some distinct and fairly obvious, while others are considerably more subtle.  One the subtle side are the highlights on the Eagle’s beak which upon a closer look, resemble a torch – likely a reference to the Statue of Liberty.   

IndieEagle-5 IndieEagle-3 IndieEagle-4IndieEagle-6

On the torso, we find the Eye of Providence—an eye embedded in a pyramid. This familiar symbol, found on the back of the dollar bill represents the watchful eye of God. Centered below the pyramid we have 13 stars, representing the thirteen founding colonies, arranged as seen on the country’s coat of arms, The Great Seal of the United States. This arrangement is also seen on the box which features an excerpt of a letter Founding Father John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail on the eve of the Declaration of Independence (July 4th, 1776). In writing this post, I found myself referring to Wikipedia extensively, particularly for the 13-star configuration and the letter excerpt.  Beyond an impressive design, Indie Eagle is also a study in the imagery of the American Revolution.

The rear of the Indie Eagle features the clearest reference to Independence Day with the ‘04’ on the left ear and ‘07’ on the right ear—interestingly, not in the expected right to left order. The concentric star pattern on the back of the head reminds me just a bit of the daredevil Evil Knievel—which definitely makes me ‘old’ and likely just a random association.  The rear torso features 13 stars circling what may be the Washington Monument. The design extends down each side, transitioning from blue to strips of red which seem to resemble feathers, perhaps a recognition of American Indians or a continuation of the Eagle theme. 


Kronk’s Indie Eagle 3” Dunny features  a cohesive design celebrating the ‘Indie Spirit’ by incorporating numerous symbols of American Independence.  Beyond the impressive design, the printing lives up to Kronk’s ambitious creation, no small feat given the relatively small canvas.  Indie Eagle will be available starting on Memorial Day from Kidrobot and select retailers for $14.99.

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myplasticheart at Five Points Fest: Yu Shou Long by Black Seed Toys


myplasticheart has a brand-new Yu Shou Long by Black Seed Toys for Five Points Festival.  This new edition of the two-headed dragon castle rocks purple, turquoise and gold hues and features glow-in-the-dark eyes.  It will be available from the mph booth [#336] for $300.  But wait, did someone say 10th floor…!

DSC_0350 DSC_0338 DSC_0349

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Strange Cat Toys Exclusive Boba Nano TEQ by QUICCS x Devil Toys


Surprise!  Strange Cat Toys has just announced their Exclusive Boba Nano TEQ (3”)by QUICCS and Devil Toys. This special edition of the new chibi style TEQ 63 figure  pays homage to everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter.  Limited to 150 pieces, Boba Nano Teq is available now for pre-order direct from Strange Cat Toys for $32 and is slated to ship in July.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166

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