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May 14, 2018

The Last Zectron x Deadly Delivery – Beast Master Inspired Figure


Coming up this weekend from Deadly Delivery is the brand-new Zectron sculpt inspired by the Winged Devourer from Beast Master.   No word on the official name yet, though Zectron did tag it #thenamelessterror. Gnarly!

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Kaijin – Kijimuna at Fewmany Mini Exhibition


Kaijin recently opened his Mini Exhibition (thru 5.16) at Fewmany in Tokyo with a large number of hand-painted figures.  One that caught our eye is the new Kijimuna (young boy). This kawaii lil’ guy is quirky—with a tree branch growing out of his head--and pretty cool. As of a half-day ago, there were still several available.  No word on international sales, but if you’re interested, drop a line to Fewmany at [email protected].

  f0010033_23001421 f0010033_22595252

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Fools Paradise: XL 89’ Lowfool (20”) Pre-Order


Fools Paradise launches its new XL line featuring large-format vinyl editions (50 CM / ~19.7”) with XL 89’ Lowfool.  Alan Ng’s take on the caped crusader features his hyper muscular aesthetic, self-reflective heroes concept, and tongue-in-cheek graphics ‘Super me’ and various tattoo imagery.  Limited to 398 pieces, XL 89’ Lowfool is available now for pre-order for $328 (+ $30 for global shipping) over at the Fools Paradise site.  These are slated to ship in Q3 2018

DSC09162-S 32086202_188488248645374_6660325486645739520_n L1009562 L1009506 DSC09148

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Craig Gleason – Mini Ghouls in Stock


Justin Ishmael has just stocked his web shop with  an army of Mini Ghouls (“seated” / “Ghoul in Repose”) from Craig Gleason.  There are a trio to choose from: blank (flesh) for $15, painted blue for $20 and a painted navy for $20.  This 2” sofubi figure first debuted at DCon last November and promptly vanished.  Get ‘em now.

MiniGhoulProductNavy_large  MiniGhoulProductPage_large MiniGhoulProductLightBlue_large

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