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May 13, 2018

Bjorn Calleja x Flabslab – Thinker


Where do you get your best ideas?  In the shower, walking in the park or … ?  Artist Bjorn Calleja might add ‘on the throne’ to that list.  His irreverently awesome Thinker is nearing release from the mad men at Flabslab.  That’s the good news.  The bad? Edition of 20. Oof! 

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Superplastic Teases Maximillion Ca$h from Pete Fowler


Updated (5.14) : Added full body render.

So even though all the Superplastic news (up until now) has been about Janky, we’ve been wondering if the new brand from Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee had designs on original toys.  With today’s ‘surprise’ reveal of Maximillion Ca$h—ace name—from Pete Fowler, the answer seems to be… Yes!  What’s it all mean… we’ll soon find out. In the meantime enjoy the Monsterism flashback – love that hat!


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Scott Wilkowski -- Infectron


Surprise!  In his laid back style, Scott has unleashed the Infectron with one simple IG post – no hype, no muss, no fuss. First released as part of last year’s Wootron event at Woot Bear, Scott’s take on Voltron is mighty impressive. This time around, Infectron’s internal skeletons are pink, all five of ‘em. The 6.75” resins are available from his site for $300 and are slated ship the second week of June.

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Superplastic Reveals 2nd Janky Design by El Grand Chamaco


Superplastic has unveiled a new Janky design from El Grand Chamaco.  You might be thinking that we’re tripping since you’ve already seen this artist’s design, the blue +  red one with the pac-man eye.  True, true, this is the second Janky from El Grand Chamaco and when all is revealed on Kickstarter Launch Day (5.15 @ 9 AM PDT) this will make quite a bit more sense.  That said, we’re digging this new drippy mono design, maybe even more than the artist’s first revealed Design.

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Naomi Knaff – La Morrttt Citron (5.20)


Next up for Naomi Knaff is the La Morrttt Citron soft vinyl figure (7.5”) done in  collaboration with Planet-X. The follow-up to the OG Teal, the Citron drops on Sunday (5.20) at 2 PM PDT from Naomi’s web shop for $80 plus shipping. This colorway shows off the imaginative sculpt which blends a sea monster, a hoofed beast (centaur?), and a family of bats!.


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