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May 10, 2018

Retroband – Dracumeats (5.12)


Dracumeats is almost upon us. Retroband has been slowly revealing the various elements that are going into this month’s crazy, super ambitious release. From what he’s posted so far, the Dark One will have a cap, a bat head arm (stump) accessory, a bat amulet, glass eyes and more.  These masterpieces drop this Saturday (5.12) as an online release – not a lottery.  Presumably from his web store.  We’ll share the final pic as soon as Retroband posts one.

29714494_395886567543647_4368203098351468544_n 29737022_185285805528979_5381436787430260736_n 29092922_1793664524273202_3911614462372610048_n

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Touma at Design Festa – Retro Robot Optical Camouflage (5.12)


Touma will release his new Retro Robot Optical Camouflage sofubi for Design Festa #47 at his boot h[F-279] on Saturday only (5.12).  Tweleve pieces of this special edition will be released at each of his upcoming conventions—Design Festa, TTF, DesignerCon-- and on the Touma Web shop.  Customers who purchase the new clear edition will be entered in a lottery for a Metallic green Retro Robot—one per release event.  [Source:


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Five Points Festival x Superplastic Give You a Chance to Win a 4-Foot Janky!


Recently Superplastic teased a 4-Foot version of their upcoming Huck Gee and Paul Budnitz-designed Janky platform figure and asked what they should do with it.  The winning suggestion?  Give it away!  So that’s just what they are going to do.  Superplastic has partnered with Five Points Festival to give away a 4-Foot Janky, apparently in all white. To enter hit up the online entry form.  The winner will be announced during the Superplastic panel at this year’s 5 Points Fest (6.2 – 6.3).  USA shipping will be included while the winner will be responsible for foreign freight. Good Luck!  

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Ron English x POP LIFE – Poultry Times Two: Pete and Rex


Ron English just might be one of the most prolific art toy designers at the moment with new releases, painted protos, and sculpts seemingly appearing weekly.  Right now Ron seems to have chicken on his mind.  Yesterday he showed off his fun Poultry Pete sculpt and today comes a shot of a huge Poultry Rex figure flaunting a menacing design which has a more chicken-like head and a more dino-like body compared to the previous smaller figure from Toy Art Gallery.  Based on the hash tags and a bit of context, these both appear to be in the works from POP LIFE.


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Mupa Toy – Mallow Brown Toast Online Drop (5.12)


For those who missed it at one of the recent conventions, Mupa Toy will release their Mallow Brown Toast edition  (4.3”) soft vinyl figure online via their FB page on Saturday (5.12) at 6 AM PDT—set your alarm.  This voracious marshmallow is just slightly over toasted – see his behind.  Twenty-five pieces will be available for $60 each for this drop.

32105223_1538383869623128_8233737651174244352_o 32222474_1538383966289785_4817856195370942464_o

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TADO x Superplastic -- Mr Kabutomushi


Superplastic continues to spoil us with design teases/reveals for their imminent Janky platform launch (5.15).  This AM we have our first look at Mr. Kabutomushi from TADO.  Their turn on the brand-new figure is a cute little beetle character.

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Fools Paradise – XL 89’ Lowfool (5.15)


Updated: New photo with sharper graphics.

About a week ago Fools Paradise pulled back the curtain on its upcoming large format FooXL vinyl line (~20”) with the reveal of a large Three King 23 figure.  Turns out that the line will launch with a big fool.  XL ‘89 Lowfool will be available for pre-order on May 15th from the Fools Paradise site.  With the updated PR image, the graphic logos are in bold black now including ‘Super Me’ (heh…) logo across the chest. ‘89Lowfools also has some interesting tattoos including a dripping (bloody?) superman logo.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.30 AM31280444_2021762274810648_7458216486235013120_n

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