Three Tides Tattoo x Secret Base x JPS – Irezumi Dokuro Man Sets

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JPS Gallery presented the opening of the  Modern Art of Floating World  collaborative exhibition from Three Tides Tattoo and Secret Base this past Friday (4.27).  As part of the exhibit, JPS released two Irezumi Dokuro Man sofubi sets  from the two legendary brands.   The new figures are a strong blend of Japanese folklore and top-flight tattoo artistry.

Set A features Hannya (Silver) and Tengu (Gold)—both  by Horitatsu Mitomo. Set B features Tengu (Silver) by Horitatsu Mitomo and Hannya (Gold) by Ganji. The naming convention appears to refer to the body color rather than the head/mask color. Each of the four figures (~ 4”) features different intricate full-body tattoo pad prints and interchangeable masks which can be removed to reveal the figures’ skull head design. Each set is limited to 50 sets and is available from JPS for $170 which includes worldwide shipping.