Moggie by Jink Wu & Unusual Creation Club

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As you might guess, Moggie by Chinese artist Jink Wu  is not your average, adorable, neighborhood cat. Abandoned time after time, Moggie has learned to hunt on his own and now has one paw in the city and one in the wild. No longer dependent on humans for food, Moggie often sips on ‘bird dew’ as he relaxes.

Jink debuted Moggie at the Shanghai Toy Show  with an exclusive lime green soft vinyl edition under his Unusual Creation Club brand (UCC). While the STS edition quickly sold out, he has a new release tentatively scheduled for May.

A variation on the STS edition, the new edition will retain the basic color scheme but the dead bird will no longer have the visible wounds/blood. To keep up with the latest on Moggie, you can follow UCC (@UnusualCreationClub) on Instagram and  Facebook.