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Apr 30, 2018

Shoko Nakazawa – Aurora Glitter Byron and Rangeron at TTE


Shoko Nakazawa will release her new Aurora Glitter  Byron and Rangeron sofubi figures at Thailand Toy Expo via The Little Hut’s booth [I3]. Both editions will be released via lottery, Byron on May 3rd at noon and Rangeron  on the 4th at noon as well.  The new editions feature a kaleidoscope of red, blue, purple and gold spray on  clear vinyl cast with glitter—seemingly both silver and gold.   Beyond her character design, Shoko always seems to come up with striking edition concepts.


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Too Natthapong x Unbox -- Stainless Steel Elfie Debuts at TTE


Too Natthapong’s Greenie and Elfie brand is going upscale with this shiny new Stainless Steel Elfie from Unbox. Cast and hand-finished in solid stainless steel, the new metal Elfie is the same size as the OG vinyls.  This one debuts at Thailand Toy Expo and then should be available online from Unbox.


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Duckhead x Merry Go Round – Bream Man debuts at TTE


Bream Man, a koi fish dude strolling along with sack in hand, is one of Korean artist Duckhead’s main characters.  He’s released many colors and versions of the resin figure including several at the recent Shanghai Toy Show.  Now he’s teamed up with Merry Go Round on an excellent new version which appears to be a production run—perhaps in vinyl. The brand will debut the new Bream Man at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) in booth A21.  While similar to the resins, the new figure seems to feature additional sculptural elements (ridging on the fins) as well as sharper, crisper paint.  From the photos it appears that Bream Man balances with a stylish lean on the bag and the two feet.  Really nice piece blending the familiar urban aesthetic with an eclectic, unexpected character. 

download download download

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Hariken x Unbox – Super Darumaboya Debuts at TTE


Hariken’s Darumaboya VAG minis are an imaginative take on the iconic Daruma doll.  The figure changes things up by retaining just the distinctive pear shape body and familiar markings while adding arms, legs, and a simple character-style face.  Now he’s worked with Unbox to create Super Darumaboya. The first edition of the larger figure featuring a sparkly gold body with white face and limbs white body will debut at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) at his booth [I20] and Unbox’s booths [F8/F9]. Look for an online release from Unbox shortly.

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Karmieh Toy Design – Bobo Fate Prototype Armour (5.4)


Oasim Karmieh is gearing up to Celebrate May the 4th in style.  He’ll be releasing his Bobo Fate Prototype Armour figure via pre-order.  This is the follow-up to the OG black edition (below for reference) released towards the end of last year. Limited to ten signed/numbered pieces, the Prototype Armour edition stands 7” tall and is 100% 3D-printed resin except for the hand-cast base.  You’ll be able to choose from 2 gun options: prototype pistol and hand cannon. Look for these to ship out in June.

10-BoboFate02 Boba-fett-designer-toys_2048x2048

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Keira On the Roof x Merry Go Round – PuPi at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6)

Known primarily for the Usotengu—crazy Pinocchio x Tengu design—vinyl figure, Keira on the Roof is back with  PuPi, a fox looking for happiness.  First released at STS in a hand-painted edition, PuPi will be available at Thailand Toy Expo in what appears to be a production edition via Merry Go Round [booth A21].  PuPi has a fun design with a pose that reminds us a bit of a Meerkat.  While cute, he seems to be just a bit on edge—perhaps the quest for happiness and all.

download download

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Tomenosuke x Utomaru – Mimi, The Cannibal Girl


Tomenosuke has been working with Japanese Illustrator Utomaru to bring Mimi, The Cannibal Girl—inspired by the Cannibal Holocaust film—to life as a sofubi figure. The wait is almost over as Tomenosuke expects to  to ship the first edition (unpainted red) sometime in May. Mimi (7.5”) comes with a stand that attaches to the spear (11.4”).


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Nouar x Martian Toys – Mister Self Indulgence (5.4)


Whoa…  Martian Toys has announced its new Mister Self Indlugence vinyl figure from LA-based painter Nouar and it’s pretty incredible looking.  Based on her 2010 painting of the same name, the new 8” vinyl and included  4” Scoopy companion look as if they just walked right off the canvas and onto a shelf. The sculpt is quite sweet and takes full advantage of the 3D medium to bring the piece to life. The paint apps stay close to the original and capture the retro feel of the main character nicely with a matte finish. 

Mister Self Indulgence Cherry Edition will debut at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) and will then be available via Martian Toys on Friday (5.4) for $150.

30856162_2090736214543314_2034601303186866176_n 30884604_1001790253301719_5087177350936788992_n 30829500_590483097992264_52779805128523776_n c_self_ind-image

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Clutter x Kaori Hinata – Exclusive Royal Morris (5.1)


Kaori Hinata’s Morris has taken the sofubi world by storm and it’s easy to see why with his charm and dapper style.  While many (most) of the special Morris drops are in Asia, Clutter has an exclusive (edition of 5, 5”) set for release on Tuesday (5.1) at 9AM PDT for $180 (+ s/h) from the Clutter web shop.  Royal Morris sports a maroon coat emblazoned with a sparkly golden crown and two friends hitching a ride on his hood.

unnamed unnamed

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Martin Ontiveros x Toy Art Gallery – New Painted Baphomaniac


Toy Art Gallery has another painted edition waiting in the wings.  They just teased this new painted Baphomaniac by Martin Ontiveros  awash in cool hues.  All the more impressive considering this is a factory paint.

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Blackbook Toy for TTE 18: Three Production Drops + One-Offs


With one convention after the next, Blackbook Toy never seems to rest.  After doing STS the first week of April, and just finishing Superfestival this past weekend, they are off to Bangkok for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) with a trunk full of dope vinyl to be released at their booth [F2]. 

First up are three new production releases.  Those of you down with MC Cyco are in for a thrill.  The MC Cyco Supervillain Lil Alex and Dim figures (~ 11.2”) feature the full prince of darkness treatment from the signature purple and green to the outlandish makeup with the mouth-slit lipstick.  These will be available for 4400 THB (~ $140). 


Following on the heels of the sold out  Supervillain (Mohawak), comes the SKUM-Kun MC Cyco Supervillain (Wavy Hair) variant. These stand 9” tall and will be available for 5200 THB (~ $165).

skumkun_mccyco IMG_1072

Finally, BBT celebrates the one year anniversary of Ron English’s Mousezilla—introduced at last year’s TTE—with the new CombatZilla edition (above). The new design features a painted uniform of sorts starting with  a tan, brown and green set of camouflage and an army green ‘helmet’ head. It’ll be available for 5400 THB (~ $171). Several One-off Mini CombatZillas will drop at the show as well.  Look for a variant online release after the show.

In keeping with their tradition of releasing one-off customs at conventions, Blackbook Toy has quite a few lined up for TTE including several in-house customs with four Jiangshi Apocalypse one-offs and a fun BeetleZilla piece inspired by Tim Burton’s classic film. They also have an army of Marvel Okinawa customs including the Burning Hell series (MC Evil, Skum-Kun, Lil Alex and Dim), a Good Guy series (MC Evil and Skum-Kun) plus two additional Skum-Kuns. 

20180428 IMG_1471 fireIMG_1206 IMG_1264

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Fools Paradise – FooXL Three King Two Three (20”)


After a few days of teases, Fools Paradise has revealed the first figure in its new FooXL line of large-format vinyl art toys.  First up is his Airness.  The FooXL Three King Two Three stands nearly 20” tall and features highly-detailed kicks.   The 20” Two Three will make its debut at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) – not clear yet if they will be available at the show.

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Apr 29, 2018

Benson Wong x Steppyplus x Unbox – Stepo The Explorer


HK designer Benson Wong has collaborated with space-age bag maker Steppyplus to create the  Stepo The Explorer vinyl figures.  First off, these are to use a very technical term, ‘super cool’. First there’s the stylish urban vinyl aesthetic which Benson is seemingly working to bring back. In addition to Stepo, he also created Lazy the sloth, now available as a vinyl from Devil Toys.

If you look closely  at the set of eyes peering at you from under the shiny clear dome(removable), it appears Stepo just might be a penguin.  More?  Stepo is a space explorer right?  The astronaut helmet and the ray gun say yes, while the  jacket and boots say outdoor adventurer.  Complicating things, note that the grey edition features a camping style backpack while the red features a rocket pack – that’s right,  they have  different gear. Stepo seems ready for adventure, here on Earth or on a far flung planet.

These were first released at Shanghai Toy Show and will be released shortly from Unbox who produced the sweet new toys. So far Unbox has said the drop is ‘next weekend’ which likely means Saturday May 5th  (7AM PDT?).

31136651_170692223632126_7097112863101157376_n downloaddownloaddownload

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Three Tides Tattoo x Secret Base x JPS – Irezumi Dokuro Man Sets



JPS Gallery presented the opening of the  Modern Art of Floating World  collaborative exhibition from Three Tides Tattoo and Secret Base this past Friday (4.27).  As part of the exhibit, JPS released two Irezumi Dokuro Man sofubi sets  from the two legendary brands.   The new figures are a strong blend of Japanese folklore and top-flight tattoo artistry.

Set A features Hannya (Silver) and Tengu (Gold)—both  by Horitatsu Mitomo. Set B features Tengu (Silver) by Horitatsu Mitomo and Hannya (Gold) by Ganji. The naming convention appears to refer to the body color rather than the head/mask color. Each of the four figures (~ 4”) features different intricate full-body tattoo pad prints and interchangeable masks which can be removed to reveal the figures’ skull head design. Each set is limited to 50 sets and is available from JPS for $170 which includes worldwide shipping.

products-20180427f-01 products-20180427f-02

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Kennyswork x POP MART x Sanrio – Hello Kitty Molly


POP MART’s Molly minis from Kennyswork are incredibly popular to the tune of 2 million blind boxes sold annually. What could make Molly even more popular?  Perhaps  Molly x Hello Kitty.  That’s right, POP MART will release a kawaii crossover featuring Molly as Hello Kitty with paws, pointy cat ears, and a pink leopard-print outfit + signature bow. The only direct Hello Kitty branding on the figure is on Molly’s bib. The crossover is set to be the cat’s meow for both fan bases. No word yet on the official title, so we’re going with Hello Kitty Molly.  This one should be coming very soon.

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Apr 28, 2018

371RO – Macadamia Kid Via One Up


One Up recently released green and red editions of the  Macadamia King resin (~6”) from Japanese artist 371RO. With a funky costume emblazoned with a ‘M’, we’re feeling the super hero vibe.  While the green has sold out, the red is still available for 2600 yen (~ $24) from One Up’s online store.  Macadamia King is  part of a series of figures from 371RO.


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Meteoratoyz – New Skeleton Sculpt


Low Brow artist Meteoratoyz has been working on a new sculpt featuring a praying skeleton character—similar to his Grim Reaper—with Lady Guadalupe imagery. After a few revisions, the sculpt is now complete and mold making is in-process. If you’ve been looking to buy Meteoratoyz’s toys, you’ll be happy to know that he recently launched a web store and ships overseas.  Several of his figures are available including Skull Kids and Memento Mori.


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Robot Revolution Previews So Far

30084014_1329751963791472_7469739445403516928_n DYZplastic has been revealing several of the designs for its upcoming Robot Revolution mini series featuring the new component-based Androids which allow almost limitless mix and match, build-it-your-way fun. 


So far, they’ve showed cute Mix-Bot 04 from Kong Andri, the purrrfect Catbot from Chuckboy,  the stylishly asymmetrical SPT-74 from Scott Tolleson, the Beatbot 1200  with shiny dome and the voracious Chompsky both  from Andrew Bell,  and the super sexy CLEAR/R from the mother ship AKA Google.

 30604002_381646889005191_776324448377634816_n 31236282_186345248654741_3117491416117280768_n 30830580_1844363675584794_1630583225824837632_n 30842025_780170862179433_2622542537432236032_n

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Apr 27, 2018

OKluna – John the Universe Version at Thailand Toy Expo


OKLuna will continue their new John and Yoko saga with a brand-new John the Universe Version for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) at booth A21. The big news is… the new larger size as you can see in the comparison pic below.  The Universe Version features a cosmic paint design and cloth scarf—Jobi was also released with scarf at STS.  Perhaps no helmets this time around?  No word on whether the smaller John will also be on tap for TTE.

31301809_2174601246087206_3604730283045158912_o 31396200_2174601199420544_7552544520789819392_o31421579_2174601296087201_8948986281623289856_o

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Wootbear Teases Upcoming Micro Wilkowski Drop


So Woot Bear has been teasing sculpts for their upcoming Micro Wilkowski drop which is apparently happening ‘soon’.  So far they’ve shown a Baby Alpaca with Cheese Head, and a ferocious Kong.  We can’t help wonder if the ‘Zilla and what appears to be a Wootkowski are part of the upcoming release as well.  Looking forward to seeing what Scott comes up with.


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Jim Dreams x Unbox – Hunny Chunk at Thailand Toy Expo



Oooh… Jim Dreams is releasing a sweet new Chunk for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6). Hunny Chunk—definitely better than Pooh Chunk—features the classic colors along with a pot of honey.  Hunny Chunk will be available at booths F8 and F9.

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FuFuFanny – Hand-painted Linus Calico + Acorn and Nutty for Thailand Toy Expo


FuFuFanny has been hard at work prepping for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 –5.6).  She’ll be bringing a gorgeous hand-painted Acorn and Nutty edition.  As nice as her production pieces are, these are several steps above.  She’s also showed a hand-painted Linus Calico, apparently inspired by her own cat.  We’re assuming this is an edition as well.  Both of these releases will be available at The Little Hut’s booth [I3].

download download 30604845_204996580278270_6260772616198422528_n 30590293_320395501824586_2534733923930341376_n

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Six TwentyEight – TTE Exclusive MITT BKK K9

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 7.19.51 PM

For Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6), Six TwentyEight will release their  MITT BKK K9 edition. Exclusive to TTE, the new edition is inspired by  Bangkok’s Traffic Police. This one is limited to 30 pieces and will be available at booth F5.

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Miscreation Toys x Toy Art Gallery – Mini Miscreants Tease



As teased by Gino at Toy Art Gallery, we’re getting closer to the release of the Mini Miscreants figures from Miscreation Toys.   First announced back in 2014, the series features ghoulish monsters errr miscreants and appears to have six designs: Nariphon, Jawrr, Skullen, Goob Demonette, and Half Skullen. These will be packaged header/bag style – check the headers below.

31369381_10214742300125503_1434455561146871154_n 31369782_10214742301005525_4243949264528246419_n31350945_10214742301165529_4103199021692122759_n31306984_10214742300365509_739672238843352776_n

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T9G x Instinctoy – Alex Prototype 2018


Here’s a nice look at the first production edition of Alex, a wild new toy from T9G and Instinctoy.  Unfortunately these didn’t make it through customs in time for TTE.  The fun design features a vaguely mechanical creature with a tank of mysterious goo that appears to be powering Alex. The side profile says robot hippo to us, but then hey, that’s just us…  The box is pretty sweet with 3D modeling art and a frosted translucent finish.   Here’s guessing these drop soon, maybe at Five Points ?

31454032_1618047244978901_939089720187551744_o 31363372_1618046961645596_6676704524817661952_o31394138_1618047148312244_5953440746659905536_o

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