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Apr 02, 2018

Hebru Brantley x MINDstyle – Fly Boy at Shanghai Toy Show


Pop Life has announced their releases for Shanghai Toy Show including a new Hebru Brantley Fly Boy figure (18”)  from MINDstyle.  This one appears to be based on the sculpt used for the giant Fly Boys seen at the artist’s HK show. Update:  An advanced release of 88 pieces were available for a special STS price of  980 RMB (~ $155) from the Pop Life booth [A15].  The new Fly Boy will be available after STS for the regular pricing of 1580 RMB (~ $251).

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Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (4.5 –4 .7) –- Map + Booth List


The first-ever Shanghai Toy Show—organized by POP MART—opens on Thursday (4.5)  and runs through Saturday (4.7).  Here’s a look at the official show floor map as well as the booth list.  Looking at the map, two things stand out. First there are several extremely large booths, quite a few 20x20’s and several 30x30’s, quite  rare for an art toy show.  The second is that this is probably the most useful—most of the booths have recognizable brand logos—and attractive convention floor map that we’ve seen.


We’ll bring you more STS news today, and then we’re off to Shanghai.  If all goes according to plan, we’ll be bringing you a steady stream of instagram updates from the show floor from roughly 7 PM to 1 AM PDT on  Wednesday (4.4) through Friday (4.6). 

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