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Apr 01, 2018

Devil Toys at STS – New Releases from QUICCS and BSTER


Devil Toys has several releases lined up for Shanghai Toy Show including two from QUICCS and a collabo project with Benson Wong’s BSTER Studio.  From QUICCS, comes TEQ Nano– a chibi style rendition of the artist’s signature character, available in both white + black editions.  STS Exclusive Shark & Remi  from QUICCS and chk_dsk. ? Yes, please.  Revenge of the Toxic Kids features a translucent polluted rainbow  design.

Finally, Devil Toys has teamed up with Benson Wong to produce his Lazy figure in vinyl.  The original versions of his urban sloth were done in resin and now he makes the jump to vinyl which would mean he’ll be much easier to collect.

downloaddownload download

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Joe Lo x ZombiesX – Zombie Neko at Shanghai Toy Show


Joe Lo and ZombiesX will release the new 進化の猫 soft vinyl figure at Shanghai Toy Show.  We’re not really sure on the translation here, perhaps Evolved Cat, though visually it resembles a zombie cat which fits nicely with the ZombiesX association—which may in fact be the name of a series/line. While Lucky Cats (and their evil counterparts) aren’t new, the hissing expression is cool as are the individual whiskers, something we don’t see often.   This one will be available at booth [E19],

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Cote Escriva x Thunder Mates – STS Exclusive Golden Creepy Mouse


Thunder Mates will release the Shanghai Toy Show Exclusive Golden Creepy Mouse from Cote Escriva at their booth [D22].  This blingy new version of the stylish toy is limited to 200 pieces.

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Jim Lee x Mountain Toys – Unspeakable Cthulhu Grey Nightmare for STS and WF Shanghai


Jim Lee will release his new Unspeakable Cthulhu Grey Nightmare in conjunction with Mountain Toys at both Shanghai Toy Show (booth A35) and WonderFest Shanghai (C-d09). This  mono-ish version of Jim’s beastly toy is limited to just ten pieces – five for each convention.  Happy hunting.

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Uamou x Spongebob x Unbox – Mini Uamou Spongebob at STS


Unbox will release the new Mini Uamou x Spongebob figures at their Shanghai Toy Show booth [A21] for 250 RMB (~ $40). Cute and bound to be swept away quickly.

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Gas Viper Studios at STS: Deep Sea Tiger Shark

download 13

Gas Viper Studios [booth B20] will debut its new Deep Sea Tiger Shark (ORCAS) figure at Shanghai Toy Show.  Unlike his previous Beetle and Chicken figures,  this underwater diver mech features a highly technical, detailed design. It’s unclear if the pilot is removable.   Remarkably these look like production figures down to the packagaing, no wonder they took 247 days to complete.  This one will be limited to 30 pieces and retail for 588 RMB(~ $94).

download 9download 11 download 10 download 16 IMG_0248 download 12

Gas Viper will also release several editions of his Tiger Chicken (machine translated name) figure with prices ranging from 188 RMB to 350 RMB (~ $30 to $56).

download 5 download 6download 8download 2 download 4 download 3

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ToyQube for Shanghai Toy Show


ToyQube is on the way to China for the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show. They have an absolutely loaded release schedule for their booth [C5-C6]—seven so far with the possibility of at least one more.  Let’s dive right in.  On the brand-new front, there’s the sweet double-take Banalien from Paul Jackson in limited, advance release quantities.  STS will also serve as the debut of Camilla D’Errico’s Rainbow Roll.


TQ will also release new editions of five of its recent figures. First up is a metallic gold Popeye Grin from Ron English.  Steven Harrington’s Gotcha returns in a neon green follow-up to the sold-out OG edition.  Going for the trifecta, ToyQube will release The Scarecrow by Jim McKenzie in its third editions, a  sensational two-tone pink, call it ‘cherry’, colorway.

unnamed-6 unnamed-7

If blue is your hue, then you’ll want to pick up the blue GID Half A Nice Day fr om Alex Pardee and the new Skull Flower—with gold + black  base—from Tara McPherson.

unnamed-5 unnamed-1unnamed-2 unnamed-3

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