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Mar 10, 2018

Jermaine Rogers x Nicky Davis x Martian Toys – Dero Delusion Dead Bear (3.16)

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Martian Toys will release the brand-new Dero Delusion Dead Bear [150 pcs, $60 + s/h] by Jermaine Rogers on Friday  (3.16) at 12 PM PDT from their web shop. The sixth Dead Bear, Jermaine’s  orange design blends his signature Dero with Nicky Davis’ Dead Bear platform design. Beyond the smooth visuals, Jermaine’s work carries a deeper message about the unseen forces that drive capitalism, power and suppression of dissent.  These threads come through clearly with the rear slogan—‘Peace through $lumber’. Likewise, the figure includes the Eye of Providence accessory—look beyond the surface, to see the truth underneath.

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Martian Toys is offering special packages if you’d like to purchase more than one Dead Bear – three for $140 ($40 savings) and all six for $249 ( $111 savings). This is apparently the ‘last’ in the artist series, yet the lineup graphic clear shows an obscured seventh figure on the left… Perhaps an exclusive that isn’t an ‘artist’ edition per se?

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