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Mar 31, 2018

Jacoo Sun Studio at Shanghai Toy Show: New Bulldog, Whale and Diver Editions


In addition to her ball-jointed dolls, Sun Dongxu creates an impressively varied collection of resin art toys as Jacoo Sun Studio.  For Shanghai Toy Show, she will be releasing STS exclusives and other editions of three of her toys which appear to be named simply (at least in English): Bulldog, Whale and Diver.  Each is excellent in its own right, each with a distinct theme and approach.  She will be offering quite a few editions at her booth [F2] – see the booth graphic below for pricing, edition size.  We’ll be sure to spend some extra time at her booth.

JacooSun Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 11.04.27 PM Lofi

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Blackseed Toys at STS: Yu Wu Long Sanada Yukimura + New Yu Shou Long Editions


Black Seed Toys’ founder Kenneth Tang has quite a few toys releasing at Shanghai Toy Show spread across several booths.  For many collectors the highlights are bound to be a brand-new STS Yu Wu Long and two new Yu Shou Long figures.  The red + gold Sanada Yukimura edition (1980 RMB / ~$313) celebrates the legendary Japanese samurai.  His samurai helmet at the center of the two-headed terror can be removed to reveal a sinister GID skull. 


Black Seed will release two new Wu Shou Long editions—Beijing Tiantan (dark red w/navy trim) and a Spirited Away inspired design (red w/light blue green trim) – each for 1980 RMB / ~$313). There will also be 10-story editions in both purple and red (5980 RMB each /~ $947).   Yu Wu Long and Yu Shou Long will be available via lottery (daily allocation) from the Black Seed Booth [A30].

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The Designer Brand – Neapolitan Ice Cream Toy

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.07.25 PM

Looking through the Shanghai Toy Show listings, we spotted these sweet three-flavor ice cream toys from The Designer Brand.  They will be available for 199 RMB (~ $32) from booth [B25].  We don’t know much about the artist/brand, but we believe they are based in Korea.  At any rate, these are really fun, with the bunny sculpt on top, and the ice cream stick on the left. We’ll try to get more info about these when we’re at STS.

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Eric So at STS – ‘You’re Kidding’ + MA-1 Jacket Accessory


Urban vinyl legend Eric So will be releasing several new toys at Shanghai Toy Show.  For his own booth, he’ll be releasing a new edition of his You’re Kidding monkey king (100 pcs, 399 RMB/~ $63), an homage to the most famous mouse.  For Estate fans (and who isn’t?), he’ll be releasing the MA-1 Jacket accessory for his Sam Lee figure in secret colors. This is the jacket only, not the entire figure.  These will be available in his STS booth [C20].

MA1_secret_1 MA1_secret_2

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Blackbook Toy at Shanghai Toy Show : New Mousezilla, Clockwork Carot Toys + One-Offs


Blackbook Toy will be showing at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) with a full schedule of production drops as well as one-offs from Marvel Okinawa and Kenth Toy Works.  On the production side, there’s the very cool Wonderland ‘Zilla (1140 RMB / ~ $180), the newest edition of Ron English’s Mousezilla. BBT will also release the MC Psycho Dim and Lil’ Alex (980 RMB each / ~ $ 156) from Frank Kozik. These are a follow-up to the previous MC versions and feature extra hits of angry red throughout.  The brand’s mascot, Guy, will be available in two micro runs of 5 pieces each – the Nightmare edition by Marvel Okinawa featuring clear + opaque paint on clear vinyl and the Another World Infected edition by Kenth Toy Works.  Each of the micro run Guys will be available for 1400 RMB each (~ $223). 

There will also be several one-offs including some amazing work from Marvel Okinawa including three Mandala-themed pieces as well as a trio of in-house one-offs including a great Jiangshi ‘Zilla.  All of these drops will be available at BBT’s STS booth [D21].

sts-bbt-oneoffs sts2018 mooneoff-english

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Mar 30, 2018

Tokyo Jesus x Manas Workshop– Gaki at Shanghai Toy Show


Tokyo Jesus is working with Manas Workshop to produced limited-edition runs of his Gaki figure.  Debuting at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7), these were designed/sculpted by Tokyo Jesus with Manas Studios handling production (casting) and painting.  These turned out really well.  The slight sculpt variations and the super-detailed, colorful paint put these at the front of the pack. These will be  available at the Manas Workshop STS booth [C19] for 1350 RBM each (~ $215).


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Mar 29, 2018

Brandt Peters x GUMS Production – Brutus for Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7)


Brutus by Brandt Peters and GUMS Productions will debut with the  my near neighbourhood edition vinyl (~ 11.8”) for  Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).  First seen in public at DesignerCon 2017, the adorable pup starts things off in a nearly all-black design—the gray nose is a nice contrasting touch.  Brutus will be available at Toyqube’s STS booth [C5/C6] for 980 RMB (~ $155).  While this is an STS edition, there’s a possibility of an online release for any remaining pieces.

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Jim Dreams x Unbox – Chunk ‘Mr C’ (3.31)


Unbox Industries will release Mr. C, a unforgettable version of the Chunk figure from Jim Dreams on Saturday (3.31) at 6 AM PDT (darn daylight savings, an hour earlier now) from their web shop for $85 (+ s/h).  Bearing a striking resemblance to a member of the fabled A-Team,rocking a seriously blingtastic gold chain, Mr. C is enjoying some downtime, dumbbell in hand—clearly used not nearly enough.

IMG_2455a IMG_2456a  IMG_2458a IMG_2457a

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Super7 - Tiger Kong Release (04.04)


Super7 is out to release yet another Wing Kong and perhaps one of the coolest colorways out there! Check out their Tiger Kong, which features hand painted tiger stripes and comes packaged in a super cool windowed box. Super7 mentions that this release will be super limited! We expect this release to take place on Wednesday, April 4th at 12PM PST.


unnamed (1)

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Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy - MC Lil' Alex and Dim!


Blackbook Toy is excited for another special release, which so happens to be our favorite pyscho clown bear and rabbit duo! Designed by Frank Kozik, Blackbook Toy is out to release the new MC Lil' Alex and Dim editions.

18012-1 IMG_1351 IMG_1689IMG_1691 

Each figure comes with weapon accessories and a mask that will forever haunt your dreams. You can find them available now HERE for roughly $140 each! Grab a set, as they are meant to be together! You wouldn't want to upset them.

18013-1 18013-5 IMG_1695 IMG_1697

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Mar 28, 2018

Miquel Vasquez x VTSS – Crazy Spongebob and Patrick Figures


VTSS will display and take pre-orders for Miguel Vasquez’s upcoming wild takes on Spongebob and Patrick.  As you can tell, these pieces are bonkers.  Miguel has re-imagined the popular ‘toon characters with a hyper-real style featuring exaggerated proportions, photo realistic facial features and skin.   VTSS has been developing these figures for awhile in order to make the artist’s hyper-real aesthetic a reality.  We’re looking forward to seeing these in person at their booth [C23] where they will be available for pre-order for 990 RMB each. They are scheduled to ship in May.


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Bounce x VTSS – Batboy Pre-order at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7)


For the Shanghai Toy Show, VTSS [booth C23] will be taking pre-orders for its upcoming batboy figure from Taiwanese artist Bounce.  Batboy delivers bounce’s urban style with a small serving of ‘tude.  Great Stuff.  This is an edition of 300 pieces and will be available for pre-order for 660 RMB (~$105) with an estimated ship date sometime in May 2018.

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VTSS at Shanghai Toy Show – Yosuke Ueno and Luke Chueh


VTSS will be releasing/taking pre-orders for several figures at Shanghai Toy Show from their booth [C23]  including three editions of the Bruised Lee figure (300 pcs, 780 RMB) from Luke Chueh.  In addition to the standard OG edition, VTSS will offer pre-orders for the anticipated Bruised edition along with a surprise Panda edition—both of which are scheduled to ship sometime in April. And in a very pleasant surprise, VTSS will also release a brand-new Yosuke Ueno figure – Cont ‘n’ Roller  (100 pcs, 520 RMB)


640-2 640 640-6 640-7

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ThreeA – Canvas Series DIY Track Square Artist Editions



A few days ago we posted about ThreeA’s Shanghai Toy Show plans, mentioning they were releasing an Ashley Wood DDV2 DIY Track Square.  We also wondered whether Track Squares shown from Huang-Jia Wei, Kelvin Sau, Kenny Wong, Shimizu Eiichi, Shimoguchi Tomohiro, Steven Choi  and Zao Da were customs or production editions. The answer is… production – as hard as that is to believe! Each of the six additional artist Track Squares will be released at STS in editions of 50 for 600 RMB each. Very cool. These will be available via the ThreeA booth [C18].

IMG_0104 IMG_0106IMG_0110IMG_0115IMG_0113 IMG_0108

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber – Baos for Shanghai Toy Show


For Shanghai Toy Show, Pobber will release a new clear blue Bao (45 pcs, 250 RMB) from Scott Tolleson. The little guy reminds us of chilly times, ice blue with a frost white jacket. In addition,  it looks like Pobber will also have ten more of the awesome custom Xiao Long Baos (480 RMB) by Paulus Hyu. Get your Baos at STS Booth [C9].


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Coarse at STS: Enjoy Your Stay – Ignited + Omens


In addition to the previously mentioned False Paradise micro editions of high-end resins, Coarse will also release three new vinyl editions for the Shanghai Toy ShowEnjoy Your Stay  returns in a new  Ignited (195 pieces, 1988 RMB) edition with some beautiful full-color accents. Crab and Raccoon are joined by a pair of large Omens. I Got You (44 pcs, 1988 RMB) is a gray design while Little Liar (44 pcs, 1988 RMB)  rocks the bluish green hue.

Coarse_sts Coarse_sts

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Chino Lam – Giant Gold Maguro Senpai for Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7)


Chino Lam will release a new Giant Gold Maguro Senpai at Shanghai Toy Show.  The new edition will be limited to 950 pieces and retail for 899 RMB  at Chino’s booth [B7]with quantity spread throughout the show’s three days.

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Mar 27, 2018

Paradise Toys – Kaiju Hunting Blind Box Series


Paradise Toy’s Kaiju Hunting project was first released at last year’s Taipei Toy Festival as a series of clear sofubi. Now comes the next phase, a blind-box series!  Set to debut first at the Shanghai Toy Show (5.4 – 5.7), the Kaiju Hunting series will feature six characters: Triboo by Dan, BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Studio UAMOUKumanba by Konatsu, Rasogimasu by T9G, Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa,  and Satoshi Yamamoto(Hunter) by Dehara  Yukinori.  Each character will have three designs in the series – standard/color, GID, secret.  Very cool.  Kaiju Hunting will be available at STS from the Uamou/T9G/Shoko/Dehara/Konatsu set of booths [D17] and the POP MART booths [B15 and D18]


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Chino Lam – Life-size Maguro Senapi at Shanghai Toy Show (5.4 – 5.7)


Chino Lam will debut his new ‘life-size’ Maguro Senpai at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).  Not to be confused with the upcoming ‘giant’ vinyl, this one is apparently one meter tall (39”) !  As he mentioned on his IG, think of the OG as the 100%, the ‘giant’ as the 400% and this as the 1000%.  Impressively, the design and detail seems to have transferred over quite well to the large format – especially the fish texture. Be sure to visit the Chino Lam Workshop booth [B7] if you’re going to be at STS!

download download-3 download-2

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Seulgie – Handmade Satyrs for Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7)


Seulgie will release hand-made spring-time Satyr editions, bunnies and lambs in pink and blue at her Shanghai Toy Show booth [B8].  These are deluxe resin editions complete with custom hair and bows. 


She’s also made two one-off Satyrs that will be available at the STS auction on-site—only teasers of these so far.

download-1 download-2

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Andy Chen x Pop Life – Ice Kirin Coco Twist at Shanghai Toy Show


Pop Life will release the new Ice Kirin Coco Twist from Andy Chen at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7). Part of the SFBI Originals line, fun figure re-envisions the legendary Kirin as a soft-serve ice cream cone.   This edition looks great and appears to feature a marbled head cast (double pour?).  It will be available alongside many new releases from the brand at the Pop Life booth [A15].

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J.T Studio – 8” Monkey King Vinyl to Debut at Shanghai Toy Show


J.T Studio is readying the new 8” Monkey King Vinyl to debut at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7).  Featuring eight points of articulation, the new 8” soft vinyl version follows Jei’s popular 1:6 Monkey King.  The question now is which version?  The artist’s most recent IG post shows a graphic of the OG red + yellow, but a recent post also tagged #sts featured a mono edition.  Maybe both ?!?  If you’re going to STS, be sure to drop by the J.T Studio booth [B31].

download-3 download-2download-1

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Clogtwo x Pobber – Shinigami Midnight

Pobber has released a limited quantity of Clogtwo’s new Shinigmai Midnight vinyl (6.5”)  on its web shop for $80 each.   The new mono edition  of the stylized take on the grim reaper was released in conjunction with the recent  Shinigami Custom Show at Flabslab.  Pobber is also offering a the OG Shinigami ($80) and a bundle with the OG and the Midnight for $160.  The bundle pricing includes worldwide shipping. 

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Mar 26, 2018

POP MART x Pucky – Pucky Pool Babies Revealed


So POP MART has been keeping us guessing and scrambling with several Pucky Pool Babies announcements :) First they revealed four designs, then another four, and then another four, plus a 13th golden one.  The group shot of the twelve designs together gives us confidence that these are all of the standard designs. Which would make the gold one a secret/chase.  Pucky Pool Babies will debut at the Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) and then be released in China on 4.14.


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KAWS Pink and Black BFFs at KAWSONE (3.27)



KAWSONE will release the Pink and Black versions of the open run BFF vinyl figures on Tuesday (3.27) at 7 AM PDT. These are also periodically available from MoMA,  though it appears their online store is sold out at the moment.

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